Welcome to DATEV Challenge Roth powered by hep

On September 5th, the time has finally come: The DATEV Challenge Roth powered by hep is back!!!


What is different in 2021?

Apart from the date, a few things are different in Roth this year. Due to the Corona pandemic, a comprehensive hygiene concept will apply in the Roth Triathlon Park.

The so-called "Three G Rule" (vaccinated, recovered, tested) is a prerequisite for entry into the Triathlon Park and participation in the event. FFP2/KN95 masks are compulsory on the entire event site and the minimum distance must be observed.

The race-weekend starts on Thursday - 11:00 a.m. press conference at the Kulturfabrik

On Thursday, September 2nd, the race weekend of the DATEV Challenge Roth powered by hep will start at 11 a.m. with the opening press conference. It is expected with great excitement which top athletes have found their way to Roth after the cancellation of the Hawaii race.

The weather forecast for the raceday on Sunday

There are still four days to go until race day at the DATEV Challenge Roth 2021 and the weather forecast should be treated with caution. What can be found on the weather charts at the moment should increase the anticipation of all participants. Summer temperatures with highs around 25 degrees are forecast for Sunday. The probability of precipitation is only 20%. There will be light winds from the east.

The schedule for the race-weekend

Here's an overview of the schedule of the DATEV Challenge Roth powered by hep ...

Good morning from Roth!

It's finally time for Challenge Roth again!

The pre-reace excitment that we have been longing for for so long is in the air now and soon the athletes will finish their final preprations at the transition areas.

It's Sunday, 5th of September 2021. And it seems like the weather forecast was spot on!

Andi Dreitz is in the mood for some triathlon

Defending champion Andi Dreitz is just preparing his bike at the transition area.

A quote from starter no.1 about "DATEV Challenge Roth powered by hep": "You know that this is not my firest time here, but i still get goose bumps every time."



Canal bridge closed

Unfortunately, this year everything is different and there are no spectators allowed on the canal bridge. Please abide by the corona regulations, so that we are able to keep having these great big events .

We will keep you posted with all the latest info and updates, so you won't miss anything!!!



Kienle tense, Lange focused, Frommholt relaxed

Sebastian Kienle, winner in 2018, looks rather tense today, while our Spotters see wild determination on Patrick Lange's face. Compared to him, Nils Frommholt, winner of 2015, looks almost relaxed.

Ruben Zepuntke gives a similar impression before his long-distance debut today at "DATEV Challenge Roth powered by hep".

06:41 - Weather conditions at the moment

At the moment, there is a light fog hanging over the canal, which slowly rises. The temperatures today are a little warmer than in the past few days an are at a little over 10°C now. The water temperature is at 19,3°C.

06:55 - Only 5 minutes to go

The athletes of the first starter group are in the water at the Rhine–Main–Danube Canal. They are gathering near the starting line. The excitment is rising!!

07:00 - The DATEV Challenge Roth power by hep has begun

The race started on time and the men's top group is now on the 3,8k track. Who will be able to able to stick with the right pacemakers now?

07:01 - Lange and Currie taking the lead

Lange and Currie are leading the swimmers field.

07:03 - and the top female group is also on its way

Now thefemale pro athletes are also on their way. Toop contender Anne Haug will probably hang back a little at first. Other athletes will set the pace in the front. One one them might be Anna-Lena Best-Pohl from Team Erdinger Alkoholfrei, who had to give up at her long-distance debut in Hamburg last week.


07:05 - Trio in the lead

Lange, Currie and Kastelein are leading the field.

07:10 - Soundbites from the starting point

Although Normann Stadler is a big fan of Sebi, he thinks, it's going to be very hard for him to beat Patrick Langer. Lange is extremely determined to win DATEV Challenge Roth powered by hep - he wants to make this his year!

07:12 - Haug in 3rd place

Anne Haug has started well on the swimming course and is now in 3rd place.

07:14 - Frommhold catches up

Nils Frommhold catches up and is now next to Kastelein. Lange and Currie are still leading the field.

07:15 - Fenella Langridge opens top a gap

Aftwer 900m, British athlete Fanella Langridge can break away from the competition a little. 

07:18 - Kienle and Dreitz nowhere to be seen

Kienle and Dreitz can't keep up with the tempo in the leading group of swimmers and are trailing behind.

07:19 - Men reach first turning point

The men have already reached the first turning point at about 1500m.

07:21 - Group of pursuers in the men's field

The group of pursuers is being led by Löschke. Kienle was also spotted in this group.

07:22 -Haug still close to the front

Close to the first turning point, Anne Haug is trailing the leading Fanelle Langridge by just a few meters. In between them, there is Anna-Lena Best-Pohl.

07:22 - Men's leading group is changing

Kastelein has gained ground on the leaders, Currie is fallin g back a little.

07:24 Men's group of pursuers trailing by 1:20

At 1,7km, the second group of pursuers in the men's field is trailing by 1:20 minutes.

07:28 - Andi Dreitz fighting to keep up

Andi Dreitz is fighting to keep up with the leading group of swimmers.

07:28 - Women's leading group stays close together

At 1,7km, the women's leading group is still close together. Langridge, Best-Pohl and Haug are leading. However, Laura Siddall and Kimberly Morrison have fallen out of the group.

07:29 - Nick Kastelein takes the lead

Nick Kastelein takes the lead from from Lange and is now leading the first group of swimmers. He is setting a fast pace. Lange and Currie are fighting to keep up.

07:31 - Dreitz shows good form in the water

DATEV Challenge Roth powered by hep's defending champion shows great form in the water. He is still swimming in the back of the leading group.


07:34 - How fast will the swimming be today?

What will be today's fastest swimming time? Five years ago, leader Nick Kastelein got out of the canal after 46:57 minutes.

07:36 - Heemeryck draws closer

Pieter Heemeryck tries to catch the leading Katelein and Lange. Currie can't keep up the tempo.

07:40 - Leading men at the last turning point

Kastelein, closely followed by Lange, Heemeryck, Frommhold, Currie and Zeptunkte and Bahlke on the last hundred meters.

07:48 - Men out of the water

1. Kastelein
2. Lange
3. Davis
4. Bahlke
5. Currie
6. Hemmeryck

07:48 - Kastelein first one out of the water

Nick Kastelein is the first one to arrive at T1 after 47:27 minutes. Patrick Lange directly behind him. Also there with them: Thomas Davis, Philipp Balke, Braden Currie, Pieter Heemeryck, Ruben Zepuntke and Nils Frommhold.

07:49 - Zepuntke trailing

10s behind the leading group

07:50 - Start of bike course

Pieter Heemeryck is the first one on the bike! Defending champion Andi Dreitz is leaving T1 trailing by 01:06 minutes.

07:52 - Löschke and Kiesel out of the water

Franz Löschke, who will probably have his last race as a pro today, and Sebastian Kienle get out of the water trailing by about 4 minutes.

07:55 - First women out of the water

Landridge and Haug are the first female athletes to get out of the water.

07:56 - Anne Haug relies on arm sleeves

Due to the cold air, Anne Haug uses arm sleeves on the bike to face the chilly temperatures.

07:56 - Kienle fast at T1

Sebastian Kienle came out of the water after 51:48 minutes in 20th place. However, the winner of 2018 was able to make up some time while changing. He only struggled a little with the zipper on his bike suit. Will he attack the leading group now?

07:59 - At 5,1km Bahlke has the lead

The relatively unknown Philipp Bahlke from Stuttgart (Germany) is leading the field at Km5 (Eckersmühlen). Currie, Kastelein, Lange, Frommhold and Heemeryck are trailing by mere seconds. Andi Dreitz is trailing by 1:09 min.

08:05 - Leading duo of Langridge and Haug

British athlete Fenella Langridge was the first woman on the bike course. After 5km she is forming a leading duo together with Anne Haug. The first pursuers are already trsailing by half a minute. Hanna Maksimava (BLR), Rachel McBride (CAN), Cloe Lane (AUS) are trailing by less than a minute. Sarah Crowley is in 6th place and trailing by 1:11. Anna-Lena Best-Pohl is in 7th place (+1:12).


08:05 - Lange feeling unwell?

It seems that Lange is struggling to find the right position on the bike. He keeps changing the position of his arms and there seems to be a problem with his left arm.

08:08 - Bike course today is only 170km

Today's bike course is different: This year, the course is only 170km long. This is due to a construction site which makes it impossible to lead the course from the south to Hilpoltstein. And it is also due to Corona regulations which would have prevented the typical Triathlon-Party at Solarer Berg anyway. The new course doesn't make for smoothing riding like the original one, but the shorter distance should make for some faster times. 

08:09 - Zepuntke catches up

Ruben Zepuntke catches up to the leading group, which makes it now a group of 8.

08:13 - Lange leads at km 15,7

After 15,7km on the bike, in Heideck, Lange at the front of the leading group. The first 8 athletes, Lange, Heemeryck, Bahlke, Frommhold, Currie, Davis, Kastelein and Zepuntke are being pursued by defending champion Andi Dreitz who is now only trsailing by 26 seconds.

08:17 - Zepuntke takes the lead

Former professional bike rider Zepuntke takes the lead.

08:20 - Kienle riding calmly

Kienle has found a calm position on his bike. At km 15,7 he is trailing by about 5 minutes.

08:27 - Men at km 26,4

Zepuntke is still leading the field (Time: 1:25:42).

Heemeryck, in 2nd place, keeps up even though he already raced in Frankfurt 3 weeks ago. Frommhold and Lange follow close behind. Currie in 5th place at the moment. Dreitz has caught up with the leading group and is in 7th place, ahead of Kastelein (9th place).

08:30 - Haug and Langridge leading at km 15,7 in Heideck

The first women have now passed km 16 in Heideck durch. Haug and Langridge are still the leading duo. Behind them follow five pursuers:Crowley, McBride, Maksimava, Chloe and Best-Pohl trail by 1:42 min. Even further back are Morrison (8./+5:41) and Polish athlete Eva Komander (9./+7:38). The final Top Ten atlete is Kathi Wolff (+7:39).

08:39 - Dreitz takes the lead

Dreitz takes pole position in the leading group and keeps the pace high while approaching the ascent of "Kalvarienberg" in Greding.

08:40 - Haug is the lone leader now

At the slight descent leading towards Greding, Anne Haug was able to break away from Fenella Langridge. The athlete from Bayreuth put in a big effort and is now the sole leader of the field. Our Spotter's tachometer clocks her at 50 km/h.

08:44 - Men's splits at km 38,1

The ascent at "Kalvarienberg" in Greding has reshuffled the men's leading group. Dreitz is still leading (Time split: 1:40:58), followed by Frommhold in 2nd and Lange in 3rd place. Zepuntke had to fall back to 4th place. Heemeryck, Bahlke, Currie trailing a few seconds behind.

08:52 - Anne Haug approaching Kalvarienberg

Anne Haug is lokking very good as she approaches Greding. Her movements appear easy and smooth. At the last time split at km 26, Fenella Langridge was trasiling by 10 seconds. The next pursuers, led by Lane Cloe, are trailing by 2:42 min.


09:01 - The fastest women have passed Greding

Anne Haug is leading at Kalvarienberg in Greding, 38 sec. ahead of Langridge. The other pursuers have fallen back quite a bit already. Crowley is in 3rd place (+4:07). 

Behind them:

4. Chloe Lane +4:09
5. Best-Pohl +4:11
6. McBride +4:12
7. Hanna Maksimava +4:15

09:03 - Zepuntke pushes the tempo

True to his prediction to ride at about 43 km/h , Zepuntke is setting a fast pace. The leading group of Zepuntke, Dreitz, Heemeryck, Frommhold, Lange, Bahlke, Currie is still together at km 51,7. Kastelein loses ground and is not trailing by  3:36 minutes. Kienle keeps falling back, even though he moved up in the ranks. He is trailing by 08:13 minutes at the moment. Löschke right behind him.

09:16 - Men's leading group spreading out

The men's leading group which up until now was riding within seconds of each other is starting to spread out. Bahlke is trsailing by 26 seconds. Currie has even fallen back to 1:54 minutes. Also Kastelein is unable to keep up the tempo and is falling back. He is now trailing by 6:13 minutes.

09:16 - women's pursuers keep falling back

Kalvarienberg in Greding is the place to make some time. That's what the group of pursuers around Crowley had to learn. They are now trailing by more than 5 minutes. Anna-Lena Best-Pohl is keeping up with them, but sometimes rides very closely to the others. She has to be careful or she might risk a drafting penaltiy in her first long distance race.

09:19 - Anne Haug keeps breaking away

After the technical descent to Obermässing Anne Haug is 1:49 minutes ahead of Langridge at km 51,7.

09:22 - Kienle and Löschke out of sight

During the last 2 km Kienle has lost another 2 minutes. He is now trailing the leader by almost 10 minutes. Löschke is still close behind him.

09:25 - Female pursuers keep losing time

The gap behind Haug and Langridge keeps growing wider. The group of five consisting of Crowley, Best-Pohl, Maksimava, Lane and McBride is railing by 6:04 min.

Behind them Kimberly Morrison is finding her form and now only 23 seconds behind the group of five.


09:27 - Men at km 71,7

Zepuntke is still going strong. 50 seconds behind him come Bahlke, Dreitz, Heemeryck, Lange and Frommhold. At this point a little hint from our partner DT SWISS: Ruben Zepuntke, just like Anne Haug and Nils Frommhold, is using the new DT Swiss ARC 1100 DICUT disc today...

09:34 - Currie falls back

Braden Currie from New Zealand keeps falling back. He is now trailing Zepuntke by 4:00 minutes.

09:36 - Is the leading group going too fast?

The leading group's pace is impossible to maintain. The distance to Kastelein (+08:45), Kienle (+11:00) and Löschke has grown another 2 minutes on the last 10 km.

09:41 - Anne Haug and then nothing...

On this part of the bike course Anne Haug is now all alone. At km 61,4 she has once again put more distance between herself and Langridge. The athlete from Upper Franconia is now leading her "home race" by 2:57 minutes and behind them the group of five around Crowley is trailing by almost 7 minutes.

09:48 - Andi Dreitz sets the pace for pursuers

After the first round on the bike it seems like Dreitz is keeping the tempo high for the group of pursuers, only 1:20 minutes behind Zepuntke. Cuirrie, Kastelein, Kienle and Löschkeare not able to close the gap at the moment.

09:55 - Weather update

The fog is gone. Now the conditions are sunny at 18°C with a light wind blowing from the East.

09:58 - Is the women's race decided yet?

Shortly before the end of the first round on the bike course Anne Haug is almost 5 minutes ahead of Langridge, while the other pursuers keep getting closer to Langridge. The five pursuing ladies are 7:38 minutes behind Haug. At least one thing is clear already: Anne Haug is definitely the strongest runner in the field. If the reigning champion of Hawaii is able to keep up her pace, victory at the DATEV Challenge Roth powered by hep should be within her reach.

10:06 - Ruben Zepuntke keeps pulling away

Ruben Zepuntke from Düsseldorf (Germany) is able to pull away further. Despite the "aerodynamically suboptimal" bow legs on the bike he was able to put another 30 seconds between himself and the group of pursuers around Dreitz, Bahlke, Frommhold and Lange.

A very strong performance in his long distance debut by Zepuntke.

10:19 - Women's field enters 2nd round

The women's leading group has now arrived at km 84,4 in Eckersmühlen, usually home to the legendary "Beer Mile", and entered the second round of the bike course. Anne Haug is now almost 6 minutes ahead of Langridge, and, according to our Spotter, Langridge's effort is beging to show. She is now only about 1,5 minutes ahead of the other pursuers. Soon they might catch up to her.

Anne Haug on the other hand is still looking fit and even takes the time to take a closer look at some of the age-groupers when passing them.

10:23 - Dreitz keeps the tempo up

Dreitz, winner of 2019, keeps the tempo high for the group of pursuers. He is still leading the group and was even able to put a few seconds between him and the others. Patrick Lange brings up the back of the group, trailing Dreitz by 7 seconds.

10:26 - Did Kienle drop out?

Sebastian Kienle, winner in Roth in 2018, seems to have dropped out of the race. We are still awaiting confirmation of this.

10:30 - DNF for Kienle

The race wasn't going smoothly for Sebastian Kienle, neither in the water nor on the bike. He couldn't reach his usual form and kept falling back further and further. Near Heideck the race was over for him.

10:33 - Group of female pursuers splits up

After passing through Heideck, Haug is 6:23 min ahead of Langridge, who herself was able to maintain the distance to the other pursuers. However, the group of pursuers behind her has dissolved. Crowley and Morrison (+8:39) are riding together. McBride, Lane and Best-Pohl were unable to keep up and are now trailing by 9:51 minutes

10:33 - Lange pushes the tempo

Lange takes the lead in the group of pursuers. Frommhold sticks close to him. Dreitz is trailing by 5 seconds. Is this a tactical play by the winner of 2019 to save energy for the final 50km? Dreitz did most of the hard work, chasing the leaders.

10:47 - Lange sets up his race

Patrick Lange has worked his way to the front of the group of pursuers and is having a great race. For hijm, as a very strong runner, trailing Zepuntke by 3:06 minutes is no problem at all. In the second half of the bike course the world champion has taken the lead in the pursuit.

10:55 - Philipp Bahlke falls back

Patrick Lange's high pace and active chasing has reduced the group of pursuers: Philipp Bahlke has fallen away and is now riding alone and trailing by 50 seconds in 6th place. 

10:59 - Statement on Kienle's DNF

Quote Kienle: "All day, it wasn't going smoothly. My Achilles tendon is still troubling me. If I want to keep doing this sport, I had to drop out. It is really bitter because I haven't seen my family for 4 weeks because of the race."

11:03 - Group of pursuers splits up

Nils Frommhold and Patrick Lange are the new duo of pursuers. Dreitz is trailing his two teammates from TEAM Erdinger Alkoholfrei by 15 seconds.

In the front, Zepuntke was able to gain another 10 seconds on Frommhold, now leading by 3:14 minutes. Currie, the strong runner from New Zealand, is trailing by about 14 minutes.

11:09 - Crowley & Co. lose time on Langridge again

It looks like Langridge will be able to defend her 2nd place on the bike for now. The gap behind her is growing again. At km 117 Crowley and Morrison are trsailing her by 2:37 minutes. Behind them, McBride is riding solo after breaking away from Best-Pohl and Lane.

11:17 - Kienle's emotional drop-out

Sebastian Kienle's emotional interview about his drop-out:

"The day didn't start well and then the lingering problems with the Achilles tendon....that was no condition to start the Marathon. I hope that I can continue doing triathlons. It was a tough decision since I made many sacrifices in my private life for this."

Unfortunately our first impression of him at the starting line was confirmed:  Rather introvert and withdrawn, he appeared to enter the race with low self-esteem

We are looking forward to his return to future races!

11:28 - Morrison in 3rd place

There is movement behind Anne Haug at km 131 in Untermässing.  She is 9:03 minutes ahead of Langridge. Behind them another British athlete, Kimberly Morrison (+11:29 has moved into 3rd place. Sarah Crowley (+11:53) is now losing time while Rachel McBride behind her is looking strong. There will be a thrilling Marathon race for the places behind Haug.  

11:38 - Zepuntke first one off the bike

After a bike split of 3:46:43 hours on the 170km course Zepuntke is the first athlete to arrive on transition zone 2. Frommhold and Lange change about 3 minutes later.

When getting off his bike, Lange trips over Frommhold's bike, which is being handed over to a volunteer. After a quick chat at the changing tent, Frommhold enters the running course just ahead of Lange.

11:38 - Ruben Zepuntke starts with a pace of 4

Zepuntke has run his first kilometer in 4:00 minutes The athlete from Düsseldorf tries using the middle of his feet, keeping contact with the ground as brief as possible. But his stride is not really smooth yet, after the hard ride on the bike. There are spectators shouting: "Ruben, this is your race!"

11:43 - Dreitz getting ready for the Marathon

Trailing by 6:06 minutes, Andi Dreitz is getting off his bike. At the transition area, he takes extra time at the provisions booth.

11:46 - Strong running by Lange

With long strides, Patrick Lange is putting pressure on Frommhold and setting the pace. The distance between Zepuntke and Lange is now only 2:26 minutes.

11:48 - Haug almost 10 minutes ahead

At km 140 Haug is leading on Langridge by almost 10 minutes. Behind them Crowley has recovered a bit and is moving at the same pace as 3rd places Kimberley Morrison. Rachel McBride is still in 5th place and could not get any closer.

11:52 - Lange rushes through the running course

With a super dynamic running style and high step frequency he should soon be able to close the gap to Zepuntke. Frommhold's legs don't seem so fresh anymore - looks a bit harder than Lange's running.

If Lange can keep this up, he is our favourite for 1st place. 

11:52 - Lange has his sights on Zepuntke

The first male athletes have arrived at the sandy trail along the canal. Lange who is running well below a 4:00 minute/km pace has his sights on Zepuntke now. It looks like there might be a change of lead about to happen before the first turning point at the lock at Haimpfarrich.

12:00 - Weather update

The running course along the canal offers no shade and the late-summer sun does its best to heat up the course. At the moment it's 23°C.

12:04 - Patrick takes the lead

Kilometer 6.4 - Change of lead! Patrick Langer passes Ruben Zepuntke and gives hin the thumbs up - Good Job! Even before Zepuntke had looked back for his pursuer and is now trying to match his pace for a bit.

12:08 - Anne Haug on her way to Roth

Anne Haug is on the last kilometers of the bike course, heading towards Roth. One dream has already come true for her today: Finally starting at the DATEV Challenge Roth powered by hep. Her second dream might come true in about three hours: Victory at Triathlon Park in Roth.

12:23 - Wild chase in the men's field

Frommhold is about the take 2nd place from Zepuntke, who now has to fight form his place on the podium. At the moment Zepuntke is still about 4:30 minutes ahead of Andi Dreitz, who is giving chase and has already made up some time on the first 1o km. Philipp Bahlke is trying to keep up with Dreitz und gain some ground.

12:27 - Langridge, Crowley and Morrison on the running course

Now Anne Haugs' pursuers have started their Marathon. Fenella Langridge (+12:05 min) was the second to lace up her running shoes. Sarah Crowley (+13:14) in 3rd and Kimberley Morrison (+13:17) in 4th place.

12:30 - Commentary by Faris al Sultan

Philipp Bahlke's trainer is very happy with his performance. Faris thinks that there might even be a place on the podium waiting. Hopefully he can keep it up - it looks like he is already fueling up on Coca Cola.

12:32 - Dreitz is struggling

Dreitz looks like he is struggling.Can he keep up his chase of the 3 leading men? The distance to Lange, is still going at a fast pace, keeps growing. The fight with Zepuntke for a place on the podium is on!

12:38 - Bahlke passes Dreitz

Philipp Bahlke is having the race of his life! At km13,5 he passed Dreitz, who is struggling. The defending champion had taken off his shoe earlier and rearranged his socks. Can Bahlke now go for 3rd place?

12:41 - Lange keeps the pressure up

Lange was abkle to put more distance between himself and second placed Frommold. At the moment, there iss a 2:45 minutes gap. Lange seems unstoppable today!

12:49 - The chase for the podium

Zepuntke is still running hard and focused on his race. Frommhold is still running well but can't gain any ground on Lange, who seems to be having the race of his life. Patrick just passed the turning point at the lock near Schwand.

Bahlke is still 4 minutes away from Zepuntke. We are still excited to see how the two rookies will perform on the long distance. 

12:52 - Anne Haug past km 10,3

Anne Haug is having a lonely race along the canal. While she has already passed the canal bridge near Eckersmühlen, her pursuers have not yet reached km 8 at the lock in Haimpfarrich. 

12:56 - Let the gravel fly

Lange and Haug are leading their respective fields and looking strong. Their strong performances make the gravel fly along the canal. Lange keeps his pace high, 3:44 minutes at km20. Haug is just a little below that a 3:48 km/m.

Some of the pursuers also still look strong. Frommhold seems rather relaxed and in control. Zepuntke still unimpressed. Pieter Heemeryck is on the rebound and has set out to catch up with Dreitz.Löschke looks like he is struggling and fighting.


12:58 - Langridge still in 2nd place

Fenella Langridge is at km 8 still trailing Haug by 14:11. Her lead on Crowley (+16:34) is still about 2 minutes. But there are still more than 30km to run. The fight for the places on the podium behind Haug is still very much open. 

13:01 - Halftime for Lange

Lange is halfway there and more than 4 minutes ahead of Frommhold.

Bahlke-Coach Al-Sultan: Back to the old life

Together with Philipp Bahkle, also his coach Farsi al-Sultan is in the focus today: "On a day like this you sometimes wish your old life back. Training all day and flying around the world" a nostalgic "King of Kona 2005" tells our Spotter at the running course.

13:12 - Haug is relaxed and light on her feet

Anne Haug is on the long way to the lock in Schwand. At km 13,5 her stride ist still easy and her frequency high. Will the athlete from Bayreuth go all out now for a record time?

13:15 - Lange at km 25

Lange just passed the crossing point at "An der Lände" and is running towards the final turning point in Büchenbach at km 35/36. At km 32 the ascent towards the turning point begins. Will Patrick be able to keep up his tempo?

13:20 - Bahlke headed for the podium?

Bahlke passes Zepuntke at km24!

13:20 - Is Zepuntke done?

Ruben Zepuntke is now facing the full force of long distance triathlon. At km 24 he had to take walking and stretching breaks. He started running again, but it looked arduous. Will his pursuers get to him?

13:28 - Felix Hentschel going strong

Felix Hentschel is showing a strong performance and has worked his way up to 5th place. If he can maintain his pace, he might be in the race for 2nd or 3rd place on the podium.


Hentschel was trailing by 17 minutes after the bike split, but now is showing a really strong race on the running course.

13:30 - Empty tank for Zepuntke

Zepuntke stopped at the provisions booth at km25 and is struggling to get moving again. Hentschel has passed him now. Just before that Faris al-Sultan was still trying to motivate him: "Pull yourself together Ruben, this is not over yet!"

13:36 - Lange goes up

Lange started the ascent to the turning point in Büchenbach. He is now, at km 30, 6:43 ahead of Frommhold.

13:36 - Hentschel with fresh legs

Hentschel passed Dreitz! He is now, at km27, only 4 minutes away from Philipp Bahlke in 3rd place. A thrilling race!!

13:41 - Heemeryck falls back

Pieter Heemeryck had to fall back and abandon the direct pursuit of Dreitz. He seems to have cramps. Löschke in 6th place. Can he move up some more positions  in what might be his final race?

13:44 - Sidall is having a smart race

Laura Sidall is running smartly and using the shady side of the trail to protect herself from the sun. Anything to keep up the tempo... at km 18,3 she is trailing Crowley in 3rd place by about 3 minutes.

13:52 - Hentschel has his sights on the podium

Coming up to the hard ascent to Büchenbach, Hentschel is going fast. On the last 1,5 km he was again able to make up 30 seconds. He is now only 2:30 behind Bahlke. The next kilometers will be an exciting race for 3rd place! 

14:02 - Chasing Haug

Langridge is still in 2nd place, Crowley in 3rd, trailing her by 3 minutes. Sidall and Lane follow another 3 minutes later. Will there be surpises in the women's race for 2nd and 3rd place?

14:04 - Cooling down for the final sprint

Lange is past km 38 and cooling himself at a provisions booth. The late summer heat is starting to get to the athletes.

14:08 - Fight for 3rd place

Hentschel, the new top contender for 3rd place?? Can his strong performance on the running course take 3rd place from rookie Bahlke? So far he gained some 30 seconds every 1-2km

14:10 - Dreitz needs a break

Does defending champion Andi Dreitz have to give up? At km 32 he takes a walking break.

14:14 - Hentschel in 3rd place

At km 36,5 Hentschel has passed Bahlke for 3rd place! Can Bahlke fight back? It looks like he is fighting hard but can't really make a comeback. The podium is probably out of reach...

14:17 - The ascent to Büchenbach taking its toll

Heemeryck is, just like Dreitz before him, strugglking up the ascent to Büchenbach. He has to take walking breaks.

14:20 - Lange wins the race

Patrick is crossing the finish line! Smiling and cheering he crosses the finish line after 7:19:19 hours!

14:22 - Hentschel has his sights on Frommhold

Hentschel is showing an incredible performance! At km 38,2 he has made up another 30 seconds on Bahlke. How much closer can he get?

14:24 - Patrick Lange's short statement after his win

"This alcohol-free Weizen-beer was the refreshment I needed. I had to fight hard, but I finally won in Roth. I'm so happy! Compared to the races in the US at the beginning of the year, you really see that Roth loves and lives Triathlon!"

14:28 - Joachim Hermann about the DATEV Challenge Roth powered by hep

Bavarian Minister of Interior Joachim Hermann at the finish line: "I'm sure that Challenge Roth 2022 will be possible without any Corona-Restrictions.Since last Thursday open-air events with the right capacities would be allowed to have up to 50.000 spectators."

14:29 - Bahlke exhausted

Bahlke already had to throw up. But he keeps running and doesn't want to give up his 4th place.

14:30 - Nils Frommhold on his way to 2nd place

Nils Frommhold finishes after 7:30:31 in 3rd place asfter keeping Felix Hentschel at a distance.

14:32 - Felix Hentschel is a new record holder

After a sensational performance on the Marathon course Felix Hentschel finishes at a deserved 3rd place. Total time: 7:31:12. 

He broke the record time on the running course from 1997 (2:36:49), setting a new record at 2:35:40!

14:34 - Rookie Bahlke with great performance

After 7:33:19 Philipp Bahlke is happy and exhausted at the finish line after his first long distance race at DATEV Challenge Roth powered by hep. He finished 4th!

14:35 - Short interview with Nils Frommhold

"At km130 I finally had this feeling, that I've been missing for years.The race was tough but I couldn't have imagined a better day.It was so great to finish second. I will remember this moment forever!

14:49 - Franz Lösche in 5th place

Franz Löschke struggled his way to 5th place. After the bike course, he left everything on the running course.

14:42 - Lange on the race

""All this was a little spontaneous. What's happening here: Crossing the finish line, tears in the eyes. With the Walchshöfer family you see how much passion for the race there is. My wife Julia and my dad are here. It's a perfect day. I had a good start into the race and into the water. And running is just my strongest discipline. That's when I knew I could make something happen here."

14:44 - Sidall catches up

Laura Sidall could get a few minutes closer to Sarah Crowley in 3rd place. Chloe Lane is just a few seconds behind her. There is a real fight going on for 3rd place.

14:53 - Defending champion Andi Dreitz finishes 8th

Dreitz broke in on the running course and couldn't keep up with the leading group. He won't be satified with 8th place for long and we hope to see him again soon at his Home Race "DATEV Challenge Roth powered by hep". Total time: 7:51:32

14:53 - 9th place, Christoph Dels

Christoph Dels finishes 9th after 07:51:58.

14:54 - 6th and 7th place

6th place for  Christoph Mattner after 07:47:08.

7th place for Braden Currie after 07:49:36.

14:56 - Anne Haug finishes 1st

After a great running performance, Anne Haug finishes 1st at DATEV Challenge Roth powered by hep.

At her "Home Race", already after the bike split shen had put some distzance between herself and 2nd place.

After that no one could get even close to her and she finished first, 27 minutes ahead of the competition!

Total time: 7:56:47

15:00 - Long distance Triathlon is a rollercoaster

According to Patrick Lange, Long Distance Triathlon is a rollercoaster ride of emotions, with hopes for a happy ending. That's a lessons which, among others, the long distance rookies Zepuntke and Dreitz had to learn today.

15:04 - Andi Dreitz has mixed feelings

He was hoping for more but is still happy about the triathlon in Roth. After soon troubles wioth his stomache in the last few weeks, he wasn't really able to focus on the fifth discipline: nutrition. That's what caused him to break down during the marathon. Still he finished among the Top Ten.

15:07 - Nils Frommhold happy to finish 2nd

Nils Frommhold gave more than everything. " Patrick had a great race. I'm super happy about my second place and happy for Patrick's win!"

15:08 - Marathon drama behind Haug

Sidall and Lane have their sights on the podium and have already passed Sarah Crowley. 6km away from the finish line they are now only seconds behind 2nd placed Langridge.

15:10 - 10th place for Davis in men's field

Thomas Davis finishes 10th after 7:55:52.

15:11 - Sidall pushes the pace

At km 37 Sidall moves into 2nd place. Can Langridge and Lane keep up?

15:19 - Sidall leaves Langridge behind

There seems to be no stopping Laura Sidall. Langridge can't keep up. Laura Sidell is now out of her opponents visual range.

15:25 - Finishing is everything

Zepuntke, Heemeryck and Kastelein finsih together. Zepuntke had to go through "triathlon hell" in his first long distance race. Despite all the hardships they had to face, the trio finished in 27th-29th place.

15:29 - Women's podium is set

After Anne Haug, Sidall takes 2nd place, trailing her by 31:36 minutes. Total time: 8:25:24.

Langridge was struggling along the last kilometers, but was able to keep up her pace. She finished 3rd after 08:27:04.

15:32 - Chloe Lane finishes 4th

Chloe Lane wasn't able to keep up with the other 2 pursuers, but still finished successful in 4th place after 08:28:22.

15:33 - Small talk at the finish line

Crowley and Schenk stroll towards the finish line while having a little chat. Crowley was not able to defend her 3rd place on the running course and finished 5th after 08:32:26.

16:08 - Women's Top Ten

After Crowley's 5th place, the following athletes completed the Top Ten of the women's field:

6. Hanna Maskimava (BLR) - 08:35:35
7. Heini Hartikainen (FIN) - 08:43:04
8. Elena Illeditsch (GER) - 08:45:54
9. Jenny Schulz (GER) - 08:52:31
10. Maja Betz (GER) - 08:58:51

17:16 - Thorsten Schröder finishes in time for "Tagesschau"

"Tagesschau" news anchorman from Hamburg, Thorsten Schröder, finishes after 09:31:32 hours and in time for today's "Tagesschau"

17:57 - Erik Meijer on the Field of Play for more than 90 minutes today

Former football pro Erike Meijer (Leverkusen, Hamburg, Aachen) crosses the finish line after an extra long game. Will there be an extra time as a triathlete for him?

18:00 - Quick update

Today many athletes successfully finished the "DATEV Challenge Roth powered by hep".So far 427 male and 41 female athletes have crossed the finish line and can enjoy a Bavarian end to their race day. 


By now 102 female and 684 male athletes have crossed the finish line at DATEV Challenge Roth powered hep 2021 and now we, the editorial staff of the Liveticker, end our race day, too.

We give a huge THANK YOU to all the staff on motorcycles and boats, the life guards and the volunteers along the course, the security staff and the event organizers and of course to all the triathlon fans who made, despite all the Corona-regulations, such a great event possible. And thank you all for abiding by the regulations!

Responsible for the ticker were Bianca Hirner and Harald Eggebrecht (Editorial staff), Sven Weidner, Anton Thomma (Spotter), Arne Cloppenburg (English translation) and our photographer Petko Beier. Now it is time for us to say goodbye and see you next year -on 3rd of July 2022- then hopefully with spectators and and without Corona regulations.