The race week begins!

Only 6 days left until the race day of the DATEV Challenge Roth powered by hep. We are really looking forward to the race, which can finally take place again without restrictions!


Celebrity cancellation - Sebastian Kienle unfortunately not at the start

At the end of last week, Sebastian Kienle unfortunately cancelled his start in Roth. Kienle, who made his long-distance debut in the Franconian "Home of Triathlon" in 2010 and won the race in 2018, is not yet back in race form after overcoming his corona infection. In addition, a bike crash during the training camp in Livingno, which fortunately went smoothly, cost him a few days of preparation time.

The weather forecast for the weekend

Currently, the weather forecast for the race weekend looks promising. The tendency towards thunderstorms is expected to decrease and stable high-pressure weather with lots of sunshine is forecast for the weekend. Temperatures are expected to be summery, but remain below the 30-degree mark.

View into the schedule - registration starts on Thu. 30.06. from 10:00 a.m.

On Thursday, 30 June, registration (collection of starting documents) opens at 10 a.m. in the Triathlon Park.

Prerace press conference in the Kulturfabrik

Also on Thursday, 30 June, the opening press conference will take place in the Kulturfabrik. The statements of the top starters around Anne Haug, Patrick Lange and Jan Frodeno are eagerly awaited.

Andreas Böcherer also not at the start

Andreas Böcherer cancelled his start at the DATEV Challenge Roth powered by hep yesterday. The man from Freiburg, who wanted to fully concentrate on the performance in Franconia in his farewell season from the long distance, has to withdraw due to an infection.

With Jan Frodeno, Anne Haug and Patrick Lange, three world champions are on the start

This elite field is second to none: 3 July will be the ultimate sports spectacle for triathlon fans at the largest long-distance triathlon in the world. In the historically strong starting field, three world champions are on the start line with Jan Frodeno, Anne Haug and Patrick Lange. Also among the title contenders are Sam Long, Magnus Elbæk Ditlev, Laura Siddall, Fenella Langridge and Maja Stage Nielsen. >> Read more ...  

Update: weather report - it's getting a little warmer

The participants of DATEV Challenge Roth powered by hep can look forward to a real midsummer day on Sunday. The temperatures could climb just above the 30 degree mark, it should stay dry all day and the wind will also take a break in the morning. Some wind from the south-west is to be expected later.

water temperature at 23.6 degrees

The water temperature of the Main-Donau-Kanal has recently been fairly constant at 23.6 degrees and should probably remain in this range until Sunday. So for the pros (wetsuit-limit at 21.9 ºC) there will almost certainly be a ban on wetsuits, the age group athletes (wetsuit-limit 24.5 ºC) can very probably look forward to a wetsuit swim.

12:00 the bike check-in at the duct close to Hilpoltstein has started

For 3200 individual starters and the participants of 650 relays, the preparation of the first transition area begins

Live ticker start Sunday 06:15 a.m.

Our raceday-liveticker starts at 6:15 a.m. with the latest news from the last race-preparations in T1 at Main-Donau-Kanal. We wish all athletes a fantastic raceday and als fans a lot of fun in the "home of triathlon" and with our coverage!

6:08 - Good morning from Roth!

Finally it's time for the DATEV Challenge Roth powered by hep again!

The pre-reace excitment is in the air and at the Changing Zone, the athletes will soon finish their last preparations for the race.

It's Sunday, 3rd of July 2022.

The weather forecast for today: The race will be hot and sunny at 30°C!

6:12 - The pros start their warm-up in the Canal

None of the pros is wearing a wetsuit - the warm-up in the water has begun.


6:15 - Kyle Smith won't participate

Kyle Smith from New Zealand, training partner of Jan Frodeno and also a possible contender in this race, won't participate in today's DATEV Challenge Roth powered by hep.

6:30 - Start for the professional men

It's perfect weather and we are back racing at the DATEV Challenge Roth powered by hep. The professional men are on their way.

6:24 - The male pros are ready

Only a few minute left until the start of the first group of male pros.

After the warm-up everybody has to get out of the water again for a moment to check-in their timing chips.

The race is about to start...


6:30 - The race is on its way

The starting gun fires at exactly 6:30am. A wide field of male pros takes to the swimming course...

6:33 - Women's start

Not only last year's top three women, Anne Haug, Laura Siddall and Fenella Langridge are now starting their race, also the other 15 pro females are now on their way.


6:35 - Fenella Langridge takes the lead

After just a few meters in the water, Fenella Langridge is already leading the field and also Rebecca Clarke and Carolin Lehrieder have been spotted in the very front of the group.


6:39 - Anne Haug has to fall back from the front

After 400m, a small leading group has formed in the women's field: Rebecca Clarke ahead of Fenella Langridge, Caro Lehrieder and Maja Betz. Anne Haug trailing 20m behind. 

6:41 - Two men are leading

As the men approach the first turning point, a group of two has broken away from the rest. First, with a silver swimming cap, Jan Frodeno is setting the pace. We can't tell yet, who is the athlete directly behin him...


6:54 - Anne Haug in the 3rd group of pursuers

After 1200 m Anne Haug has fallen back to the 3rd group. She is now swimming with Judith Coranchan and Maja Stage Nielsen, trailing Rebecca Clarke by 2 minutes.

6:54 - Cameron Brown leads group of pursuers

Cameron Brown (NZL) is backing up his words and leading the group of pursuers. He has celebrated his 50th birthday. HIs long career is nearing its end.

6:59 - Women after 1700m

After 1700m there is a leading duo.

Clarke is swimming very economically, breathing on every second stroke.

She is passing a group of 12 men, who, next to her, appear to be standing still in the water. She is going so fast.

The former swimmer is really taking advantage of her experience.


7:04 - Clarke and Langridge extend their lead

Halfway through the swim, Clarke (NZL) and Langridge (GBR) are in the lead. A group of two with Caro Lehrieder is 1:22 min behind. The group with Anne Haug, Maja Stage Nielsen (DEN) and Judith Corachan (ESP) is 2:40 minutes behind.

7:05 Jan Frodeno is leading after 2700m in the water

Jan Frodeno is still swimming in the front. Right at his heels, Maurice Clavel is following. Judging by the color of his swimming cap it could also be Patrick Lange, but our spotter confirms that it's Maurice. 

Two more passes under the bridge left...


7:09 - First men under the Canal bridge

Jan Frodeno is still leading but pursuers are right on his heels, trailing by just 30 seconds. Is he trying to dominate the race from the front, like he did 6 years ago when he set his world record time?


7:10 - Anne Haug conserving energy

Anne Haug has been swimming in a group of four up to now. She has pulled away from her competitor by 10s together with Stage Nielsen and Corachan.

Haug swims behind and between the two. So she takes a tactical approach to the race, using the water shadow and conserving energy.

7:10 - Maurice Clavel right behind Frodo

It was confirmed again: The Frodeno's shadow in the water is  Maurice Clavel. 

7:11 - Big group of pursuers

Behind the leading duo Frodeno/Clavel there is a massive group of pursuers which will probably leave the water together.


7:17 - 2900m in the womens race

In the womens race the chasing group of Clarke and Langridge has split into two groups.

7:19 - Jan Frodeno first out of the water

After 48:54 minutes, Jan Frodeno rushes out of Main-Danube Canal, followed by Maurice Clavel (48:57).

7:20 - The pursuers

3. Thomas Davis  + 1:26
4. Patrick Lange  +1:30
5. Sebastian Najmowicz +1:34'
6. Reece Barclay +1:37
7. Reinaldo Colucci + 1:40
8. Robert Kalin + 1:42
9. Nick Staggenborg + 1:44
10. Patrick Dirksmeier + 1:47

7:23 - Patrick Lange 4th out of the water

Defending champion Patrick Lange has had a great start at DATEV Challenge Roth powered by hep. He comes out of the water trailing by 1:30 minutes. After his an injury and surgery to his shoulder just four months ago, that is a comfortable time gap.


7:23 - Leading women clearly ahead and extending

The order is preserved. After the two leading duos follows the group of three with Anne Haug.

They already have a number of men on their tails, so Anne is successful in pursuing her favorite pastime, 'chasing men'.

The athmosphere is overwhelming!

7:25 - Langridge and Clark leading as duo out of the water

Fenella Langridge leads out of the water with 51:44 min, directly followed of Rebecca Clarke (+0:02).

7:30 - The atmosphere motivates the athletes at the Transition Zone

The fans are one of a kind. That's Roth!

From crowded bridges and from the banks of the Canal they are cheering and shouting.

It gives you goose bumps despite the rising temperatures.


7:31 - Anne Haug extends from chase group

Haug increases her speed! 400m before the first transition zone, Stage Nielsen can no longer keep up with the increased pace.

7:34 - Long trailing the front by 6:34

7:35 - Top 10 women after the swim

1. Fenella Lanridge (GBR) 51:44
2. Rebecca Clarke (NZL) 51:46
3. Sonja Skevin (CRO) 56:02
4. Judith Coranchan (ESP) 58:44
5. Anne Haug (GER) 58:46
6. Maja Stage Nielsen (DEN) 58:47
7. Magda Niewoudt (RSA) 59:34
8. Elisabetta Curridorri (ITA) 1:00:39
9. Laura Siddall (GBR) 1:02:33
10. Line Bonde (DEN) 1:08:07

7:38 - Anne Haug misses her change bag

Defending champion Anne Haug (GER) missed her transision bag after the swim exit. She had to return and lost more than a few seconds.

At her bike she needed to touch her visor and is now out of transition zone 1.

7:40 - The men are on their way to Heideck

Magnus Ditlev has really sped up. The Dane is leading after16,4 km at Heideck.


7:55 - Markus Hörmann with an early DNF

Markus Hörmann had to end his race after he crashed with his bike.


8:00 - Leading group of 5

After 26,1 km, heading towards Greding, Magnus Ditlev from Denmark has taken the lead. 10 seconds behind him come Maurice Clavel, Jan Frodeno, Swedish athlete Robert Kalin and  Reinaldo Colucci from Brazil.

8:02 - Patrick Lange in 7th place

Patrick Lange is in 7th place, trailing by 1:04 min. In front of the defending champion rides Thomas Davis (GBR).

8:05 - Fenella Langridge takes the lead

At the belated World Championships in St. George, where Langridge finished 8th, she already showed her extraordinary swimming performance.

But she also shows what she can do on the bike. She's already 2 minutes out on Rebecca Clarke. Anne Haug is still 7:15min  behind.

8:05 - Attention oil trace

Entrance to Heideck:

On the right lane, a long slick of oil runs down the descent.

The fire brigade is on site with sand.

8:06 - Sam Long trailing by 7 minutes

At km 26,1, American athlete Sam Long, starting with the number 1, is in 13th place and trailing by 7:05 minutes.


The 26-year-old from Boulder was struggling in the water. Swimming without a wetsuit, he fell behind a bit farther than planned. Will the US-talent now roll up the field from the back?


8:08 - Anne Haug looks powerful

Anne shows a powerful kick. Uphill she gets out of the saddle and masters the first incline while pedaling out of the saddle.

She seems very focused and powerful! When and how will she catch up over 7 minutes the leaders?

8:10 - Langridge extends lead

At km16.4 Fenella Langridge is extending her lead

1. Langridge, Fenella (GBR)
2. Clarke, Rebecca (NZL) +01:50
3. Škevin, Sonja (CRO) +06:38
4. Haug, Anne (GER) +07:15
5. Stage Nielsen, Maja (DEN) +07:48
6. Corachán, Judith (ESP) +07:51
7. Nieuwoudt, Magda (RSA) +08:44
8. Curridori, Elisabetta (ITA) +09:45
9. Siddall, Laura (GBR) +11:15
10. Thoes, Svenja (SUI) +12:02

8:14 - Frodo is leading at Kalvarienberg (Calvary)

Jan Frodeno is leading at Calvary in Greding. Within just 6 seconds behind him follow  Ditlev, Clavel, Colucci and Kalin. The first part of the hill is a 10% incline. After that it gets less steep and the athletes can fuel up at a provision stand. Towards the top an ability to push is required. That might be just the right setting for Magnus Ditlev?


8:20 - Patrick Lange is losing time

On the route to Greding, Lange has lost some more time. He is trailing the leading group by 1:55 now and riding all alone.


8:20 - Langridge leading at km34

In a few kilometers the first woman Langridge will go up the Calvary (Kalvarienberg) Greding. She is 3 minutes ahead of Clarke. Langridge literally flies the flat stretch through the fields towards Greding at high speed.

8:23 - Big gap to the other pursuers

Behind Lange, there is a big gap.In 7th place, trailing by 6:20, Nick Staggenborg is pushing his time trial bike up the first steep meters of the Calvary. Behind him follow Patrick Dirksmeier, Reece Barclay, Sebastian Najmowicz from Poland and Elias Schipperges. Sam Long, trailing by 7:29, is riding alone.


8:25 - Langridge going strong

After pacing a rapid 48kmh in the flat section leading towards Greding, she seems very fresh and going strong. On the flat section she was working from her hips and working her upper body.

She has just arrived in Greding, is very relaxed and even encourages the fans at the entrance to the Calvary to cheer her on and push her up the mountain!

8:35 - Haug passes aid station Greding

At km37 Anne Haug has a deficit of 3:58 minutes to place 2 and 8 minutes to the leading Langridge. She passed very experienced through the aid station.

She is looking great and has a very round kick with a steady pace.

8:38 - Ditlev going at a fast pace

After the first 50km on the bike, Magnus Ditlev, who closed to gap to the front after getting out of the water, is aiming for the bike course's record time. That reocord, 4:05:37 hours, was set by Cameron Wurf in 2018. Projections see Ditlev finishing in about 4:05 hours, too.



8:40 - Leading men have passed Obermässing

The leading group of five has mastered the technically demanding descent to Obermässing. At km 51,6 Frodeno is leading ahead of Ditlev, Clavel, Kallin and Colucci. Patrick Lange keeps losing time and is now in 6th place, trailing by 3:08 minutes.


8:43 - Sam Long is losing time, too

At km 51 Sam Long has worked his way up to 7th place. However, the contender from the US can not gain any time on the front of the field. Quite the opposite: He even lost some time and is now trailing by 8:13 minutes.


8:46 - Downhill at Kleinmottersdorf

Leading woman, Fenella Langridge shows she is enjoying this race. The Brit greets the spectators standing on the edge, who cheer for her. Now she goes down from Kleinmottersdorf (km 37) to Obermässing.
Anne Haug is 8 minutes behind. But she's known for her ambition and her running legs. She didn't start swimming until she was 20 and quickly proved she could do what she set out to do! So we can't wait and the finish line is in Roth.

8:56 - Solar Hill is getting close

After 61,6 km Swedish athlete Robert Kallin has taken the lead in the group of five. Clavel, Frodeno, Colucci and Ditlev ride right behind him. Lange is 6th +3:46, Long 7th + 8:35.

8:58 - Women between Greding and Zell

Shortly after Greding (51 km) there is a slight tailwind from the south on the bike course. The height of the grain is just right to give the discs more propulsion.

Laura Siddal is still fine, but would rather swap places with the motorcyclist driving the spotter... probably not a good deal for a quick bike split.

9:01 - Solar Hill is going crazy

The leading group has climbed  Solar Hill together. After a 3-year-break the crazy atmosphere is back at triathlon's Alp d Huez.

9:04 - Party at Obermässing

In Obermässing you can see what DATEV Challenge Roth powered by hep means in the region: The whole village is celebrating and cheering on all the athletes with traditonal music.


9:10 - Anne Haug gaining time

The gap between Anne Haug and Fenella has now been reduced to 7:45 at km 51.6. Clake's distance, on the other hand, continues to widen. 
It is and will stay exciting - even if Fenella is still leading on the bike. As you know from the chronicle, she is not nearly as strong as Anne Haug when it comes to running. How long can she keep her lead? Until the run?

9:10 - Does Colucci have to fall back?

Reinaldo Colucci from Brasil, who already won his local Ironman race this year, is struggling to keep up with Frodo and the others. Our spotter just witnessed a small gap opening up between them.


9:15 - Haug closing gap to place 2 - under one minute

Anne Haug leaves the small township of Pyras on the right, here at km 61 she does not make a detour to the local brewery but continues to chase Clarke. The distance is getting smaller and Anne is slowly closing in!

9:15 - Sam Long in 7th place at Solar Hill

Sam Long has just experienced the atmosphere at Solar Hill for the first time. But he is already trailing the competition by 9:30 minutes. It looks like the project "1st US-winner in Roth" will have to wait until 2023.


9:20 - Fenella Langridge giving the crowd a cheer

First time up Solar hill for Fenella Langridge. She cannot hold her emotions back and giving the crowd a great cheer. Even so excited to take a hand of her bars. She is even overtaking men triathletes up the hill.

9:29 - 5 become 4

Reinaldo Colucci has now definitely fallen away from the leading group. At the end of the first round on the bike course the athlete from Brazil is trailing by 1:17 minutes. In the front, Robert Kallin keeps pushing the pace. The athlete from Sweden is very talentend on the bike but still has some weaknesses when it comes to running. So that's probably why he is trying to gain as much advantage as possible on his competiton now. Behind him Patrick Lange is now in a direct competition with Bradley Weiss from South Africa. The duo is about to enter the second round on the bike course, trailing by 6:07 minutes.


9:30 - Anne Haug is hunting Clark down

At 71.3 km it's less than 30 seconds between Rebecca Clarke in 2nd place and Anne Haug in 3rd place. Anne is fully focused on her race to catch up!

9:35 - Haug moves into second place

Crossing the Main-Danube-Canal Anne Haug has moved into the second place. Clark (NZL) is already quite into her high heatrates. Concentrated and very surgical she passes into the position of the first pursuer.

Anne Haug seems to have settled into her rhythm.

9:39 - Frodeno worried by the pace

Our spotter reports that at the beginning of the second round, Jan Frodeno has taken over the front of the leading group of four. Is the winner of 2016 starting to challenge the three other athletes?


9:43 - Men's Top Ten at km 84,4

1. Robert Kalin (SWE) 2:53:49
2. Maurice Clavel (GER) +0:02
3. Magnus Ditlef (GER) +0:03
4. Jan Frodeno (GER) +0:04
5. Reinaldo Colucci (BRA) +1:17
6. Bradley Weiss (RSA) +6:06
7. Patrick Lange (GER) +6:07
8. Sam Long (USA) +9:45
9. Patrick Dirksmeier (GER) +14:36
10. Elias Schipperges (GER) +14:37

9:44 - Wind slighly increasing

Rebecca Clarke stays with Haug. Clarke has a significantly higher cadence than Anne. Both professional women have to work hard against the wind that has been freshened up from Hipoltstein. Both are currently driving about 50 km/h on their way to Hipoltstein.

Anne still looks relaxed on her face. She seems to have found her rhythm on the bike.

9:46 - The bike course is getting busy

On the second round, the bike course is starting to get busy: Now the pros are sharing the course with the age groupers.

9:55 - km84.4 top 10 women

1. Fenella Langridge (GBR) 03:11:28
2. Anne Haug (GER) 03:19:16 +7:48
3. Rebecca Clarke (NZL) 03:20:17 +8:49
4. Judith Corachán (ESP) 03:24:50 +13:22
5. Laura Siddall (GBR) 03:26:38 +15:10
6. Elisabetta Curridori (ITA) 03:28:04 +16:36
7. Magda Nieuwoudt (RSA) 03:28:32 +17:04
8. Maja Stage Nieslen (DEN) 03:29:23 +17:55
9. Caro Lehrieder (GER) 03:36:38 +25:10
10. Sonja Skevin (CRO) 03:38:04 +26:36

9:57 - Frodeno still leading

After 105 km, Jan Frodeno is still the leader at the time check in Heideck. However, the two ascents between Wallesau and Heideck have brought some change: Kallin, Ditlev and Clavel are still close behind Frodeno but Colucci is losing a lot of time now and trailing by 3:36 minutes.

10:02 - Langridge heading towards Eckersmühlen

In Eckersmühlen, just before km 90, the fan project "beer mile" is not equipped with benches this year. But that doesn't stop the spectators. The athletes are toasted with the Pyraser beer while standing up!

10:07 - Langridge in the mix with the mens race

At km100 Fenella Langridge is leading Chris Deis by 30 meters. She is constantly casing the mens pro field. Already during the swim and still on the bike. She is also driving through the stacked field of hobby triathletes.

10:09 - Fenella going up Selingstaedter hill

Fenella Langridge is still fighting her way up the hill. But then she can look forward to a slightly downhill section in the direction of Greding! The wind is on her side, it will blow them from the west from Selingstadt.

10:12 - Ditlev getting tired?

Our spotter tells us that Magnus Ditlev is looking a little tired by now. However, at the moment he is able to keep up with  Frodeno, Kalin and Clavel. A west wind that pushed from the back supports his efforts. The Calvary will soon show who has the strongest legs in the leading group. 

10:20 - Leading group of four climbs Calvary together

Also at Calvary hill the leading group around Jan Frodeno, who keeps the tempo high while heading towards Röckenhofen, stays together. Colucci is now trailing by 4:52 and Lange and Weiss have both lost time, now trailing by 8:51 minutes. Sam Long (+10:24min) is now only 90 seconds behind them and might catch up.

10:27 - Maurice Clavel with problems?

At km 136, heading towards Obermässing, Maurice Clavel seems to lose touch with the leading group. The ahlete from Freiburg, who finished 3rd after an aggressive race in Roth in 2017, has lost 18 seconds on the leading Frodeno. Frodeno is still closely followed by Robert Kallin and Magnus Ditlev.

10:30 - Anne Haug putting the pedal down

Anne Haug is keeping her cadence up with the chain right and easily flies past the agegroup triathletes. With an estimated speed around 50km/h she drives towards and through Thalmässing (km110).

10:38 - Long only 50 seconds behind Lange and Weiss

At km 136, Patrick Lange and Bradley Weiss are already trailing by 10:51 minutes. Soon Sam Long should appear behind them; he is now trailing them by only 50 seconds. These three strong runners might group up for the marathon.

10:40 - Kallin playing to his strengths

Robert Kallin, nicknamed "the towering swede", shows, as he has done in earlier races, that the bike course is one of his strengths. Earlier this year he picked a race, Triathlon de Portocolom, that seemed made fore him: 1km of swimming, 100km on the bike and 10km of running. This bike-heavy race played to his strengths - he won.

But also on the long-distance he showed a promising performance last year when he finished 3rd at Ironman Florida and secured his ticket to Hawaii.

His time on the long distance running course is usually around 3 hours. If that's enough for a place on the podium today is questionable...

10:46 - Clavel keeps losing ground

On the way back to Eysölden, Maurice Clavel has fallen further away from the leading group. He is trailing by 2:15 and will probably have to finish the bike course alone. The gap between him and Colucci is serval minutes.


10:47 - Anne Haug slowly getting seconds back

Anne Haug reduced the distance to Fenella Langridge to 06:38. And the distance to Rebecca Clarke, who was 3rd, has also increased - almost 6 minutes.

10:48 - Langridge riding the wave

Fenella Langridge is enjoying the race, apart from all the exhaustion and increasing heat. She keeps interacting with the fans and sucks in the atmosphere out on the Roth race course. She encourages the Laola wave, on which she lets herself be carried up the mountain!

10:51 - Leading women resorted

Fenella Langridge leads Anne Haug. Haug is trailing slightly under seven minutes. Rebecca Clarke can't keep up with Haug and is now over five minutes back.

Also changes on position four and five. Laura Siddall, last years second, has overtaken Judith Corachán.

10:54 - The asphalt is burning

The race is getting hot. 26°C at the moment. The asphalt is getting hotter and hotter. Some Age Groupers lose their concentration, which makes any overtaking maneuvers risky.

10:56 - Frodeno, Kallin and Ditlev struggling up Solar Hill

Jan Frodeno, Magnus Ditlev and Robert Kallin have climbed Solar Hill for the second time. At times they were only able pass the crowds and age groupers (on their first round) at a very reduced speed. But it all went well!


10:59 - Rapid downhill of Anne Haug

Head down and bottom up over the saddle. Anne Haug is giving it all on the decents and is reaching excess speeds of 70km/h. Each apex of the corners is exited standing up, allowing her to quickly regain speed.

She was able to reduce the gap to 06:23!

11:01 - Kallin has to let go Frodeno and Ditlev

On the road towards Pierheim, Robert Kallin can no longer keep up with Frodeno and Ditlev.It seems like the Swede now suffers the consequences of his brave race. At the moment however, the gap is only 16 seconds.


11:08 - Clavel trailing by 3:35 at Solar - behind him the field is getting narrower

Maurice Clavel is in 4th place at the moment, caught between the leading group and the next group of pursuers. The front is 3:35 away, the pursuers behind him are even further away: Reinaldo Colucci in 5th place is trailing by 10:37. Another 2 minutes further back come Lange, Weiss and Long, all within seconds of each other.


11:08 - Short shock for Anne Haug

The pursuer Anne Haug has the next mental challenge to overcome. A bee has flown into her helmet and has stung her left neck area. The motorbike of the spotter has come to assist with cold water.

11:10 - Haug keeps chipping of seconds

Only 6:23min is the gap to Langridge! The lead is slowly getting smaller and smaller!
Today's race is highlight 2 of 3 on Anne's list this year. In Utah she was third on the podium. And her target for today? "Give everything and see what's in it, anything and everything is possible," says Haug

11:16 - Siddall keeps moving forwards

The gap to Corachán has increased from one minute to two. And her deficit to third placed Clarke is down to two minutes. This will be a great challenge and battle for the podium. Last year Siddall chased down Langridge on the last kilometers to take second place. Currently she is placed on four.

11:21 - Kallin trailing by 1:17 at km 175

Just before the second transition zone Robert Kallin is trailing by 1:17 behind Frodeno and Ditlev. The Swede will try to hold onto his 3rd place for as long as possible during the marathon.

11:25 - Shock moment for Frodeno

Just after he was the first to arrive at the second transition zone, he was unable to find his bag. Volunteers were soon able to locate and bring the bag to him so that he could continue to the running course almost without any loss of time.


11:32 - What are Frodeno and Ditlev capable of on the running course?

On the first kilometer of the Marathon course Frodeno is 8 seconds ahead of Ditlev. When he won in 2016 Frodeno ran a 2:39:18 Marathon. Magnus Ditlev just had his first long distance at Ironman Texas and ran a 2:40:56 Marathon in the muggy heat. This is going to be good!


11:36 - Jan Frodeno gives up

Jan Frodeno has left the race. Close to the Lände at the Canal, Frodeno looked very much in pain when he stopped. It seems he has massive problems with his right Achilles tendon. Before he dropped out, he gave a high five to Ditlev.


11:44 - Ditlev sets new bike record

Magnus Dilev finished the bike course in 4:01:56 und stayed well below the former record set by Cameron Wurf (4:05:37). Frodeno's 4:03:07 also topped the old record of the Australian athlete.

However, an exact comparison is not possible since the bike course has been modified since then.

11:53 - Women's race will be resorted

The field could now be rolled up from behind while running and redesigned: strong runners are breathing down the necks of the leading women. The current 6th woman, Elisabetta Curridori, (+23:28) took third place in Lanzarote with a running time of 03:11h. In 5th place: the even stronger runner, Judith Corachan (+17:39). She showed us a very strong pace and race with 02:58h.

The overrunner Anne Haug will most likely clock a time around 2:45h.

11:55 - Top 6 on their way to Haimpfarrich

Magnus Ditlev is leading the field at Main-Danube Canal towards the first turning point in Haimpfarrichchtung. He is 2:42 ahead of Kallin. At km 4,3 Maurice Clavel is in 3rd place (+12:18 min), followed by Patrick Lange (+13:52), Sam Long (+13:58), and Bradley Weiss (+14:19). Shortly behind them comes Reinaldo Colucci (+14:35).

12:05 - Fenella Langridge first of the bike

Fenella Langridge is first of the bike and out of transition. She will now run her own pace. Trying to conserve her lead as long as possible.

12:07 - Nick Staggenborg in T2

Nick Staggenborg of Pushing Limits is in 12th place now and has gotten off his bike at T2.  Together with Niclas Bock he was part of Pro:ject which allowed people to follow them on their blog as they went through their training as fresh pros. Nick's goal was in this project was DATEV Challenge Roth powered by hep.

12:10 - Anne Haug out on the run split

With a gap of only 5:32 minutes to Fenella Langridge, Anne Haug is now in her element: the run is coming up!

12:11 - Ditlev back at the Lände at km 11,7

At km 11,7, Magnus Dilef is 4:14 minutes ahead of Kallin. Next up is the Lände at the Canal with all the fan hotspots before the course leads almost 7km along the Canal up to the lock at Schwand. As long as there is still strength left the seemingly endless straight course should be no problem. If you are already tired, this first half of the Marathon can be a really tough test for you.


12:17 - Haug is running

Anne starts with her new Nike AlphaFly shoes with a high cadence, estimated at 175 steps/minutes. She literally flies through the first aid station and grabs 4 cups - 2 to drink, 2 to cool down. As is typical for Anne Haug, she switched to the marathon course with excellent running form.

12:19 - Flash back into transition two

Anne Haug changes into her running shoes and a volunteer helps and puts on her replacement start number belt.

What is special about DATEV Challenge Roth powered by hep is that the volunteers and helpers are also very close in the transition area in order to support the athletes in the best possible way, which is not known from any other triathlon.

12:20 - Haug books a 4:33:45 hours on the bike

With her bike time of 4:33:45h, Anne Haug would rank 2nd place in the history top list of the bike course at the DATEV Challenge Roth powered by hep. Only Daniela Ryf was able to show a better bike time in Roth in 2016 (4:31:29h).

12:25 - Lange the fastest of the pursuers

At km 11,7 Patrick Lange is in 3rd place, 12:33 behind the leader.He was already able to distance himself from Sam Long and Bradley Weiss. The defending champion will now try to chase down Kallin, who hasn't had anything faster than a 3-hour Marathon yet.

12:33 - Fenella Langridge at km7.3

Fenella Langridge continues to lead the women's field on the run in her ON CloudBoom running shoes. Step frequency a little lower than Anne Haug, but she tries to keep the lead over Anne Haug as long as possible. She looks very strained in the warm temperatures and probably needs to cool down regularly. Her running style clearly emphasizes strength.

12:34 - Ditlev at turning point at km 18,7

Magnus Ditlef is already on his way back towards the Lände. He just passed the turning point at the lock near Schwand and is now running towards his pursuers.


12:40 - Lange draws closer

At the moment, Patrick Lange is running at the fastest pace. Last year's winner is also gaining on the leading man Ditlev. And he is getting closer and closer to Kallin. At km 15,5 the gap is now only about 6 minutes. 


12:42 - Fenella struggling with the heat

Fenella Langridge is struggling to stay hydrated and cool. At the aid station at KM 10, she grabs several cups again. Anne Haug is racing strong on 2nd place and can reduce the gap to Langridge to 03:23 minutes.

12:44 - Leading women completely focused

Anne Haug and Fenella Langridge met each other at the first turn in Haimpfarrich. Neither of them showed any emotion at all. Both athletes appear fully focused and Haug had the chance to estimate the distance to the leading Langridge for the first time. Distance measured at km 8 is down to 3:49 minutes.

12:55 - Anne Haug running at her best

Anne Haug is once again in top form. She was able to close the gap at km11.7 to 2:54 minutes. She still looks just as fresh as at km1. She smiles and seems highly motivated.

The oncoming age groupers cheer on the two leading women. The atmosphere on the running course is good despite the hot temperatures.

12:58 - km12.5 Anne Haug cooling herself

Anne used the last aid station to cool down the bee sting. The heat doesn't seem to bother her that much because she doesn't constantly reach for a drink.

13:00 - Top 3 are halfway through the Marathon

At km 21,1, the half-marathon mark, Ditlev is leading by 8:47 minutes ahead of Robert Kallin. Patrick Lange is in 3rd place, trailing by 11:29 minutes. He should get closer and closer to Kallin as they run towards Roth.

13:04 - Is the podium already decided?

At the half-marathon mark, Bradley Weiss is in 4th place but losing quite some time on Lange and is now trailing by 14:33. In 5th place is Reinaldo Colucci, who has passed Sam Long. The American keeps losing ground.


13:08 - Fenella Langridge is expecting Anne Haug

Fenella Langridge is just passing the 15km mark.
Her supporter is telling us: "She still looks good for these conditions. Fenella is also aware that she cannot compete with Anne Haug on the run. So she is already expecting her competitor who will soon pass her!"

13:11 - Anne passes village of Meckenlohe

Anne is currently running at the turn at Meckenlohe and should see Fenella at any moment, who is coming towards her after the turning point. Does this give you another boost of motivation?

She is only 1:41 minutes behind the leading tritathlete. Excitement is growing in Roth and the support is out in magnitude.

13:15 - Magnus Ditlev aiming for a new record

Magnus Ditlev has passed the market square in Roth and is still slightly below Frodeno's record time (7:35:39). But the final part of the course, going towards Büchenbach, is going to be difficult. In the past years the incline in that part has proven too much for quite some athletes...


13:15 - Who chose the best running shoes?

From km 11 to the turning point the road is fresh gravel and therefore very soft. Ideal for athletes who enjoy that kind of surface. However, for those who put on carbon shoes for speed, this surface proves challenging.


13:22 - Anne Haug at turn Schwand

Fenella and Anne ran past each other emotionally motionless again. Anne took her first coke at the aid station. The gap between the two professional women is down to only 0:52. The countdown to Anne Haug's overtaking maneuver is on.

13:25 - Lange passes Kallin

On the downhill part towards Roth, Patrick Lange picked up the pace and in just a few kilometers he was able to catch up with Kallin. By now Lange is in 2nd place and at km 28,3 he is already 2 minutes ahead of the Swede.

But Ditlev is still 11 minutes ahead. It looks like this year's winner will be from Denmark, just like in 2010 when Rasmus Henning won the race in Roth.



13:28 - Anne Haug closes gap to the leader

The race track on the canal - the track is dead straight at this point, Anne Haug can see Fenella Langridge from afar and is stalking Fenella. The gap is getting smaller.

13:32 - Women duo clear ahead

Haug and Langridge lead the women's field with a gap of almost 5km. Behind them Judith Corachán has now taken third place (+18:12) and Laura Siddall slips to fourth place (+18:24).

13:38 - Anne Haug takes the lead

The overtaking has been coming for a long time for Anne Haug. She has been constantly taking time out of Fenella Langridge. With a short surge Haug has taken the lead and there will not be any looking back.

13:35 - Magnus Ditlev tired but with a steady pace

At km 34 Magnus Ditlev can almost hear the fan hotspot in Büchenbach. the young Dane looks more and more exhausted but his long legs keep the pace up. The climb to Büchenbach is now almost done...


13:45 - Only 6 km left for Magnus Ditlev

Magnus Ditlev is already on the way back from Büchenbach and is making good use of his long legs on the downhill course to Roth. The 24-year old Dane has 6 km left to the finish line at Triathlonpark in Roth.


13:48 - Cooling as the professionals

On a hot race day like today, it is particularly important to regularly protect the body from overheating and to cool it down. For this purpose, one usually gets handed sponges at the aid stations, ice cubes or one uses the water cups. But there are now also new technologies that we mainly see in professional triathletes.

Anne Haug, for example, now uses a special headband. This futuristic headband is intended to increase the skin surface with the attached chambers, so that when the chambers are moistened, greater evaporation cold can cool down an athlete's head.

13:51 - Patrick Lange is trailing by 10:06 in Büchenbach

Patrick Lange has passed Büchenbach, too. Last year's champion is trailing by 10:06 minutes. Too much to defend his title. But 2nd place should be his since 3rd placed Colucci is more than 6 minutes behind the German.


13:52 - Chase on place 6

Our top women are followed by Corachán (3), Siddall (4), and Clarke (5).
Magda Nieuwoudt, the athlete from South Africa has already won the Rothsee Triathlon this year. She is currently running on place 6.

14:01 - At km 40 Ditlev ist still below Frodo-Time

Magnus Ditlev has 2 km left to run and according to the time calculations, he is still 20 seconds below Frodeno's record time from 2016 (7:35:39). It going to be an exciting finish...



14:06 - Ditlev wins in 7:35:48

Magnus Ditlev just won DATEV Challenge Roth powered by hep 2022.

His final time of 7:35:48 hours just missed Frodeno's record time by 9 seconds. But the athlete from Denmark celebrated his last meters at Triathlonpark in Roth and wasn't figthing for every second. Congratulations Magnus!!!


14:03 - The atmosphere is wild

At the "speck technical services"-booth, the fans are on fire! They grab whatever they can get their hands on to make noise and cheer on the athletes. Rattles and anything else that might help to motivated the athletes a bit more still!


14:07 - Women on way back to Roth

Anne is just about to return to Roth and sticks to her strategy as before. The Bayreuth native runs like a Franconian clockwork, as she has been able to prove in many races.

14:15 - Patrick Lange finishes 2nd in 7:44:52

Patrick Lange is completely exhausted when he crosses the finish line at Triathlonpark in Roth in 2nd place. What a comeback race from the 2-time winner of Hawaii after his bad shoulder injury. His time: 7:44:52 hours - a new personal record on the long distance!!!!


14:17 - Anne Haug left with 10km to go

Anne Haug still seems extremely relaxed. Her mouth is slightly open, the lower jaw loose.
She's breathing evenly and doesn't seem to have reached her limit.
And with this calm and confidence, she continues to extend her lead over Langridge (+2:47min).

14:19 - The temperature keeps rising

The temperature keeps rising and and from market square in Roth you can hear African sounds.Perfect match.


14:20 - Lange runs the marathon in 2:35:10

Patrick Lange ran a super fast 2:35:10 hours marathon and finished the run 1:39 minutes faster then Luc Van Lierde (2:36:49) from Belgium in 1997.


14:24 - Reinaldo Colucci im 3rd and Bradley Weiss in 4th place

Reinaldo Colucci from Brazil, who was among the the leading group on the bike course for a long time, finishes 3rd in 7:52:36. Bradley Weiss from South Africa finished 4th (7:53:56). 

14:30 - Anne Haug racing to second victory

Anne Haug is on the final seven kilometers and has turned back towards Roth. A final accent and her second victory is more than deserved. Against all small obstacles during her race today.

14:30 - Robert Kallin finishes 5th

Robert Kallin finishes in 5th place, just below the 8-hour-mark, after 7:59:35 hours. What a race for the Swede who was among the leaders up until the second Transition Zone. And still on the marathon course, a place on the podium was well within reach for him for a long time.


14:41 - Sam Long has finished in 6th place

Sam Long came through. The 26-year old American who would have loved to fight for the places on the podium finished 6th in 08:07:34 hours. Which means we still have to wait for the first US-winner in Roth.

14:43 - Corachán on her way to 3rd place

In her alpha flies (running shoes) Judith Corachán just passed Büchenbach. Her breath is labored but she has been able to put 3 minutes between herself and Laura Siddall. She will probably be able to defend her 3rd place.


14:54 - Anne Haug wins after 8:22:42 hours

Anne Haug is the female winner of DATEV Challenge Roth powered by hep 2022. In 08:22:42 she showed a strong second performance here in Roth. Congratulations!!


14:58 - Men's places 7th-10th

7. Ondrej Kubo (SVK) 8:16:28
8. Maurice Clavel (GER) 8:16:58
9. Jean-Claude Besse (SUI 8:20:14
10. Juan Bautista Nadal Clar (ESP) 8:20:14

15:05 - Fenella Langridge finishes 2nd

Fenella Langridge finished 3rd last year. This year she finishes 2nd in 8:31:41!

Will she be back next year to fight for 1st place?

15:20 - Judith Corachán finishes 3rd

Judith Corachán, this year's Spanish long-distance champion, secured 3rd place on the women's podium at Challenge. Final time: 08:46:29.


15:27 - Laura Siddall finishes 4th

Today Laura Siddall started for the 5th time at Challenge Roth and after her 2nd place last year she was unfortunately not able to reach a place on the podium this year. She finished 4th after 08:53:31. 

15:45 - Rebecca Clarke celebrates her 5th place

After 09:08:37h 34-year old Rebecca Clarke from New Zealand crossed the finish line.
After a very strong performance in the water, where she domniated the field for a long time, she finished the race in 5th place.

Congratulations on this debut at DATEV Challenge Roth powered by hep!

See you again on June 25th 2023

Congratulations to all athletes for finishing the DATEV Challenge Roth powered by hep. It was once again an absolute fantastic triathlon day!

In 2023, DATEV Challenge Roth powered by hep will take place on June 25th.