Welcome to DATEV Challenge Roth 2019

Raceweek is coming now. Only a few days to the "best old race" on Sunday, July 7th 2019


Kickoff at the prerace press-conference, July 4th

The prerace press-conference with the top pros of DATEV Challenge Roth 2019 starts July 4th at 11 am at the Kulturfabrik Roth.

Friday, July 5th: Water temperature of Main-Donau-Canal 24,3 °C

The current water temperature of Main-Donau-Canal is today (July 5th) 24,3 °C. The final decision whether to swim with  wetsuit will be announced on Saturday at the race-briefing.

Saturday Swim training in Main-Donau-Canal from 7.00-8.30 am

The time for the swim training has changed. Swim on Saturday will take place from 7.00-8.30 am. The reason for the change is the damaged sluice gate. To reduce the ship queue on the channel the training on Sat. has to be shortened.

Triathlon expo opening hours

Expo is open for day two! More triathlon and lifestyle stores than you’ll see anywhere else in the world! Open Saturday 10-7, Sunday 12-7 and Monday 10-1. See you there!

Defending champion, Daniela Bleymehl, a last-minute entry

The duel between last year’s runner up, Lucy Charles Barclay, and defending champion, Daniela Bleymehl (nee Sämmler), looks set to be repeated following Bleymehl’s last minute entry into Roth following her DNF at Frankfurt last week due to illness. Just nine seconds separated Daniela Bleymehl and Lucy Charles in 2018 after 3.8 km swimming, 180 km cycling and 42.2 km running.

Read more in the press release ...

Wetsuit swim for all agegroup- and relay-athletes!

The news all athletes have been waiting for... The temperature of the water is 24.2C so it is confirmed by BTV officials it is permitted for all age group and relay team athletes to wear a wetsuit.

It is currently a non-wetsuit swim for all pro athletes. However, a final measurement will be taken one hour before the race tomorrow. If the situation has changed dramatically by this time, wetsuits will be allowed for the pros. However, it is highly unlikely the temperature will drop enough. This measurement will not affect the age group decision in any way.

Two hours until the start of DATEV Challenge Roth 2019

The first rays of sun are appearing in the east. The night is ending for the triathletes.

It is Sunday, July 7th, and it is time for DATEV Challenge Roth 2019.

At the moment, there are a few rain clouds in the sky.


05:35 - Good morning from Roth

Good morning from Roth. The swim start is getting busy now. 55 minutes left until the start of the race.

06:30 - Start!!!

Exactly at 6:30AM, as scheduled, the starter's gun was fired. The race is on. We are looking forward to an exciting day. In three minutes, the first women will be sent on their way.

06:33 - Women's start

The women's race is on, too. Right on time, at 6:33AM the pros, not wearing swim suits, start their race. The field is smaller than usual since today, the fielkd was split once more, into those wearing a swim suit and those without.

Lucy Charles-Barclay is setting the pace in the front.

06:36 - Stretched-out field

The men push the pace right from the begining. Like pearls on a string, the athletes line up behind Braden Currie, who leads the field. In the back, Andi Dreitz is struggling.

06:38 - Lucy Charles-Barclay is chasing the men

For Lucy Charles-Barclay (UK) there is only one direction: forwards. She has already broken away from the women's field. Behind her follows a group of persuers. She is now setting her sight on the group of male athletes, who started 3 minutes earlier.


06:42 - Charles with the men's group

It only took Lucy Charles 700 meters to catch up to the last men. 

06:46 - The gaps are getting bigger

After 850 meters, Lucy Charles is 1:10 minutes ahead of a group containing Sarah Crowley, Anja Ippach and Rachel McBride. Daniela Bleymehl has fallen back a bit and is now swimming at about 3 body lengths behind this group.It is also interesting to see, that Charles has picked a completely different line than her persuers.


06:45 - Advise from Timo Bracht

The winner of Roth in 2014 who is now an expert on TV, Timo Bracht, predicts the following athletes on the podium: 

Women: Daniela Bleymehl, Rachel Mcbride, Lucy Charles-Barclay

Men: Andi Böcherer, Cameron Wurf, Bart Aernouts. 

Yvonne van Vlerken, who has won the race in Roth several times, has the following picks:

Men: Bart Aernouts, Braden Currie, Andi Bböcherer.

Women: Lucy Charles-Barclay, Daniela Bleymehl, Anja Ippach

06:52 - Jesper Svensson is leading

Jesper Svensson of Sweden has taken the lead. At 1900m he is leading by 30 seconds. McNamee, in the group of persuers around Potts, is fighting to keep up.

Andi Böcherer is trailing by 1:02, Andi Dreitz by 1:45.

06:54 - Charles in the middle

Lucy Charles has ambitions for today and she wants to avoid a close race, like the one last year. She keeps breaking away from her persuers and is now swimming right behind the men.


07:00 - Sixth group of starters on their way

There will be 22 starter's gun fired at DATEV Challenge 2019. At 07:00AM the sixt group starts their race. In total, there will be some 5.000 athletes in the race.


07:00 - Daniela Bleymehl loses ground

It took Lucy Charles 22:20 minutes to swim 1.700 meters. The competition has to deal with it: There is a group of 8 trailing her by 2:26 minutes. In this group are McBride, who is setting the pace, Crowley and Ippach. Bleymehl is trailing by 60 meters, swimming by herself and struggling. Her coach supports her with instructions.



07:01 - Lucy Charles wants to break her swim record

Last year, Lucy Charles-Barclay was the fastes swimmer of all the starter field of DATEV Challenge Roth 2018. In 2019 she is aiming even higher. At the moment, she is fighting through the men's field and has to raise her head frequently. 

She has also developed her skills on the bike. It will be an exciting day.


07:06 - Almost 4 minutes....

... that is by how much Daniela Bleymehl is trailing Lucy Charles by now. 3:56 to be exact.


07:08 - Jesper Svensson passes the starting point on the way back

Jesper Svensson of Sweden is dominating the swim course and has now passed the starting line on the other side of the Main-Donau-Canal. Now he has to go under the bridge and aroud the second buoy which marks a turning point. 

In  about 10 minutes, the first athlete will leave the water.


07:11 - Braden Currie is the first persuer

Braden Currie (NZ) leads the persuers. At 2500 meters, he is trailing by 1:01. Behind him swims Andi Potts, 2 meters ahead of McNamee.

Cameron Wurf has lost his swimming cap. Andi Böcherer and Scheltinga are trailing by 1:52, Andreas Dreitz by 2:19.

07:13 - Persuers at meter 2500

The persuing group of eight, containing Sarah Crowley,Bleymehl and Ippach passed meter 2500 after 36:45 minutes. They are now trailing Lucy Charles-Barclay (UK) by more than 5 minutes..

07:14 - Charles passed it too

Now Lucy Charles has passed the starting line on the other side, too and is on her way back.

07:18 - Svensson out of the water

After 48:27 minutes, Jesper Svensson is the first one out of the water. He wastes no time at the changing zone and tries to get on his bike as fast as possible. 

07:22 - The pursuers have arrived

Almost 2 minutes behind Svensson, McNamee is getting out of the water in front of Andy Potts and Braden Currie.


07:25 - Charles on the her way to the bike

Rigth behind Andi Böcherer, Lucy Charles is on her way to her bike. She got out of the water after 50:40 minutes.

07:25. -Men's second group of pursuers out of the water

The german athletes Andi Dreitz and Andi Böcherer get out of the water leading the second group of pursuers, trailing by 3:01 and 3:07. Right behind them come Evert Scheltinga, Guy Crawford, Marcus Wöllner, Jens Petersen-Bach.

07:28 - Bart Aernouts trailing by almost 8 minutes

The winner of 2017 has some catching up to do. He gets on his bike trailing by 8 minutes. But that is okay for him, the strongest disciplines for the 2nd placed in Hawaii in 2018 are still to come. 


07:29 - Wet streets

Conditions on the first km of the bike course are not optimal. The rain has stopped, but the streets are still wet, which might prove treacherous.


07:31 - Female pursuers out of the water

5:28 minutes behind Lucy Charles, Rachel McBride is leading the pursuers into the changing zone. With her are Anja Ippach, Carolin Lehrieder, Sarah Crowley and Agnieszka Jerzyk from Polen. Daniela Bleymehl is trailing Charles by9:02 when changing to the second discipline.

07:33 - Daniela Bleymehl trailing by 9 minutes after swimming

Daniela Bleymehl leaves the water trailing by 9 minutes, which means, she lost the first group of pursuers. She has a lot of catching up to do on the bike.


07:36 - In high gear

By slightly moving her upper body, Lucy Charles tries to convert her high gear into speed. On the first kilometers that doesn't  look very smooth yet, but her expression also shows that it is still easy going for her.

07:38 - 10km

After 10km on the bike Lucy Charles is 5:28 minutes ahead of Ippach, Lehrieder, Jerzyk and Crowley. 

07:40 - Svensson still clearly leading

After dominating in the water, Jesper Svensson keeps up his strong performance on the bike. At km 11 he is 2:35 ahead of Currie, MaNamee and Potts.

07:46 - Andi Dreitz takes 2nd place

Andi Dreitz missed the electronic time split. Now he has moved into second place and is leading the group of pursuers, that includes Currie, Potts and McNamee.

Andi Dreitz ups the pace in the group. Now we'll see if the group can stick together.

07:49 - Andi Böcherer moves into 3rd place

Is there. German bike team forming? In his interview on Thursday, Andi Dreitz had sai, that he prefers to ride alone. But at the moment, the two Andis have established themselves in the front of the group of pursuers. T

Evert Scheltinga, Jens Petersen-Bach, Guy Crawfod and Marcus Wöllner are trailing by 3:50 minutes.

07:52 - Collaboration among the pursuers

Lucy Charles-Barclay has to fight off a small alliance. The five athletes around Ippach and Crowley are working together. At the moment, Sarah Crowley is leading the group and Agnieszka Jerzyk is fighting to keep up at the end. Lately she kept raising her head and her upper body does not appear calm. She might fall back soon. u

7:57 - Perfect temperatures and wet curves

The rain has left Franconia and it's dry for now. However some curves ae still wet from the earlier rain. The temperatures are very pleasant. At 6:00AM it was 17 degrees in Roth, great conditions.

So far there is only a slight wind blowing from the north, but it is expected to get stronger later and move to north-east


08:02 - The gap is narrowing

After 26,5 km Andi Böcherer and Andy Dreitz are now only trailing by 2:11 minutes behind Jasper Svensson. The other pursuers are falling further back.


08:04 -Dreitz starts an attack

It looks like the pace is too slow for Dreitz. At km 28 he gathers momentum und tries to break away from Böcherer. 

08:05 - Compact group of female pursuers

Lucy Charles-Barclay's peursuers are rideing very close together. They are just on the brink of the slipstream and the referees are watching closely. Sarah Crowley is complaining about the slow pace or maybe about the narrow spacing.

At the moment Rachel McBride is in 2nd place, ahead of Anja Ippach.

08:06 - Still rather quiet

The early rain seems to hold back spectators. So far it is pretty quiet along the course.

08:07 - Rachel McBride leads pursuers

 Rachel McBride of Canada is leading the pursuers and trying to keep the pace up.

08:15 - Potts joins Dreitz and Böchi

At km 36 Andy Potts has caught up with Andi Böcherer and Andy Dreitz. His pedaling looks smooth. 

08:19 - Intermediate results

After 37,5 km, Jasper Svensson is still leading. But his lead is melting. Andi Böcherer and Andy Dreitz are trailing by 1:49, 6 seconds behind them comes Andy Potts. Braden Currie is trailing by 2:33, he is riding with David McNamee.

08:21 - Bleymehl catches up

Daniela Bleymehl is catching up a bit. At the moment she is trailing the persuers by 2:16 minutes.

08:27 - The Andys are getting closer

After 42 km, Andys Dreitz, Böcherer and Potts are drawing closer to Svensson. They are now railing by 1:20 minutes.

08:30 - Currie and McNamee in 5th and 6th place

Braden Currie and David McNamee are riding together and have now claimed 5th and 6th place. They are trailing by 2:35 minutes.

08:33 - Atmosphere in Greding

So far there are not too many spectators along the road because of the rain, but at Calvary hill in Greding, there are music and spectators waiting for the athletes.

08:46 - Press is getting ready for a change of lead

The photographers on the motorbikes are gathering around the group of pursuers. They are expecting a change of lead and noone wants to miss that photo.

Andreas, Andi and Andy are now only 26 seconds behind Svensson.

08:54 - Dreitz takes the lead

At km 62 Andreas Dreitz passes Svensson and takes the lead. Now he can be the first to climb Solarer Hill.

08:54 - Almost done

At km 50, Daniela Bleymehl is just 1 minute behind the group around Anja Ippach and Carolin Lehrieder. She is making progress. 

08:57 - Bleymehl catches up to the pursuers

At km 50 Daniela Bleymehl is trailing a group of five (Lehrieder, Mcbride, Crowley, Ippach and Jerzyk) by 1 minute. She keeps getting closer and closer.

08:59 - The streets are drying up

On the open parts the wind is drying the streets. The curves are still wet. At the moment there is slght wind from changing directions.

09:03 - Daniela approaching

At km 56 Daniela Bleymehl is setting up her competition. For now the gap is still at 350 meters, but it can not be long before last year'a winner she closes the gap. They don't know yet, what's coming for them.


09:06 - Tour de France feeling at Soarer Hill

The four leading men are experiencing their first pass of Solarer Hill. Andreas Dreitz is leading, followed by Andy Potts, who is riding in high gear. Jesper Svensson refuses to be left behind and is still in 4th place.  

09:10 - More and more spectators showing up

In Eysölden the street is packed, all seats at the tables are taken. By the athlete's second pass the atmosphere will be cooking here!

09:12 - Wind is getting stronger

At km 76, the wind is quiet noticable and shaking up the athletes. 

9:12 - Timo Bracht keeps coming back

Also for a veteran like Timo Bracht, the atmosphere at Solarer Hill in unique. He appreciated the knowledgable fans and the cheers. He will keep coming back to Roth. 

Also, of course, to support his athletes and be here as an expert.


09:15 - Wurf joins group of pursuers

Cameron Wurf, one of the field's strongest riders, has joined Currie and McNamee. These three are now trailing the leading group by almost 4 minutes. 

09:17 - Charles at Solarer Berg

While Lucy Charles-Barclay is making her way through the crowds at Solarer Berg, Daniela Bleymehl has finally caught up  and is about to pass Ippach & co. 

09:23 - Pursuers at Solarer Berg

The first six pursuers of Lucy Charles have passed Solarer Hill for the first time. Trailing by about 8 minutes. Anja Ippach has caught up to Daniela Bleymehl again.

09:25 - Open visor

At km 77 these are the female athletes trailing behing Lucy Charles-Barclay: Daniela Bleymehl is leading the group, closely follwoed by Anja Ippach, Carolin Lehrieder, Rachel McBride, Sarah Crowley and Agneiszka Jerzyk. They all switched to higher gears since Bleymehl joined the group. No more hiding now, this is a fight with open visors.


09:25 - More rain on the bike course

The leading men are on their second round and now not only the age groupers make it harder for them, but also the rain which has set in again. The streets are narrow and they constantly have to pass other atheletes. Careful now!


09:32 - Andi Böcherer takes the lead

At km 88 Andi Böcherer takes the lead. He has found his rhythm and is pushing the pace.

09:38 - Wurf is the first pursuer

Cameron Wurf broke away from Currie and McNamee. He is the first pursuer now, trailing by 4:13. Braden Currie and David McNamee are trailing the leading group of four by 5:06.

09:45 - Bleymehl sets the pace for the pursuers

Daniela Bleymehl is setting the pace. At the moment the question is, how much energy are the other pursuers willing to spend to keep up with Bleymehl. Rachel McBride is already struggling to keep up.


09:52 - Bleymehl's fast tempo shows first results

Daniela Bleymehl has made the tempo in the pursuers group faster. Between km 70 und 90, the group got 35 seconds closer to leading Lucy Charles.The six pursuers are now trailing by 7:18 minutes.


09:54 - Böchi attacks

At the hill of  Seligenstadt, after about 105 km, Andi Böcherer attacked and was able to open up a small gap.



09:55 - km 105 Svensson falls out of leading group

First Jesper Svensson lost his leading position, now he has also fallen out of the leading group. Andi Böcherer will be happy to have a little less competition.

For Bart Aernouts the race is delevoping just fine. He has caught up to Braden Currie and is not trailing the front by about 5 minutes.


10:01 - Andreas Dreitz takes back the lead

Andreas Dreitz has taken back the lead of this long distance race. He took over from Andi Böcherer.  Andy Potts is following als closely as legally possible.


10:05 - Bart Aernouts is followed by Currie

Bart Aernouts sets the pace for the pursuers. Braden Currie is trying to keep up. David McNamee, a strong runner, can't be written off just yet neither.


10:09 - Lots of traffic on the second round

For the pursuers, the second round is also a mental challenge. They have to pass the athletes from the later starter groups and also have an eye on the legal spacing within the groups.


10:15 - Female pursuers still together

Lucy Charles-Barclay is still lonely at the top and passing age groupers. Behind her, the group of her pursuers keeps changing.


Rachel McBride, Daniela Bleymehl, Sarah Crowley, Carolin Lehrieder, Anja Ippach and Agnieszka Jerzyk is the latest ranking at km10. 

10:16 - Wurf gets closer

Cameron Wurf keeps getting closer. Right now, he is trailing by 3:43. He goes all out and keeps mixing with age groupers. Behind him Bart Aernouts is positioning himself. This constellation promises a lot of excitment for today.


10:23 - Different styles on the mountain

On the Calvary hill in Greding, there are differnt styles of riding on display: Böcherer in a low gear and out of the saddle; Potts fighting to go up the mountain in a high gear.


10:25 - Aernouts at 5:40 minutes

The winner of 2017, Bart Aernouts, is having a good race. He is now trailing by only 5:40 minutes. That's a good position for the strong runner. Swimming without wetsuit probably put some pressure on him, but now he seems relaxed and confident of his skills in the last discipline. 

Another strong runner, Braden Currie, is right behind him.


10:28 - Men's Top 3

Andy Potts takes over. The 42 y/o  US-Citizen took the lead after Calvary Hill and is setting the pace now. Andi Böcherer and Andreas Dreitz follow at a legal distance.

10:35 - Lehrieder

Today's focus is on Lucy Charles-Barclay and Daniela Bleymehl.BUt there are more interesting athletes in the race.

Carolin Lehrieder for example, who had established herself in the group of pursuers, but now is fighting to keep up. So far she has had a strong race.

Sarah Crowley's strokes are getting heavier. The athlete from Australia is giving everything to stay in the group. 


10:43 - Lots of headwind for the leaders

The three leading men have to face strong headwinds. On their way to Hilpoltstein, they are passing age groupers.


10:47 - Female pursuers trailing by more than 7 minutes

At the Calvary Hill Lucy Charles' 6 pursuers are trailing by 7:14 minutes, which means, she has kept the gap more or less the less during the last 30 km.

At the end of the ascent, Rachel McBride is trailing the rest of the group by 12 seconds.

10:52 - Dreitz attacks

Andy Dreitz used the last supply station to launch another attack.

10:53 - Streets are getting drier and drier

The streets are drying, which is especially good news for the age groupers. This makes the course safer even though other athletes, curves and descents still challenging.


10:57 - Dreitz and Böchi speed up

Andy Dreitz' attack showed results: At km 145 Andy Potts had to fall back. Now Dreitz and Böcherer try to break away even further before the next changing zone, because Wurf and Aernouts are also approaching.



10:57 - Bleymehl among pursuers

Bleymehl sticks to her 2nd/3rd position among the pursuers, while Anja Ippach and Rachel McBride are fighting to keep up. All the pursuers are going hard now and maintain a high pace.


11:04 - Bleymehl sets the pace

Daniela Bleymehl attacks and only Carolin Lehrieder can keep up. They have now put 20 meters between themselves and the other pursuers Dani keeps looking back. Was this just a test or was she gambling? The others have caught up again.


11:04 - Kränzlein Hill for the men

Andy Potts is riding in a high gear, gets up from the saddle and is still fighting to keep up at the ascent at Kränzleins Hill. He looks groggy.

Andreas Dreitz and Andi Böcherer look more at ease. They have higher frequency to their strokes and stay in the saddle.


11:06 - Dreitz and Böcherer at Solarer Hill

Andreas Dreitz and Andi Böcherer are both going at the Solarer Hill at high speed. The speed up even more to pass as many age grouper as possible before entering the espalier of fans on the hill. Potts is stuck in traffic, he is now trailing by 41 seconds.


11:10 - German Alliance of Andys

Andreas Dreitz and Andi Böcherer have raised the pace in the front once again. Potts is now trailing by 53 seconds, Wurf fell back another minute and is now trailing by 4:52 minutes and in 5th place.

Jesper Svensson, trailing by 3:59 is in 4th place.

11:12 - Female pursuers still together

Daniela Bleymehl has taken back the lead and keeps looking behind her, unable to shake the tail of pursuers.

While the first two pursuers have to fight the wind, the rest of the group can take it a bit easier in the slipstream of the referee. The ladies now pass a busy supply station and have to find a way through all the age groupers




11:17. -Pursuers get supplies

All the female athletes got their supplies. Agnieszka Jerzyk is cooling her neck with water. The two-time olympic athlete pays attention to the details on her first long dustance race. It is hotter than expected.  

11:19 - Aernouts falls back

After 156 km, Bart Aernouts has fallen back to 8:30 minutes behind Dreitz and Böcherer, who keep setting the pace. 

11:25 - Bleymehl breaks up the group

She just won't give up. Another attack and finally the Bleymehl's fast pace is showing results. Of the group of six there are now only 3 direct pursuers of Lucy Charles left.

Bleymehl is setting the tempo, Lehrieder is keeping up and still having a great race. Third member of this group is 

Sarah Crowley  who is working hard and also using her upper body.



11:33 - Now it's getting wild

On the last kilometers, things are happening: 6km before the changing zone, Potts  is now trailing 2:34 behind Dreitz and Böcherer.


11:33 - Double Andy

Dreitz and Böcherer dominated the last 40km of the bike course.

Even Cameron Wurf, who is strong on the bike, lost another minute and is now trailing by 5:46 minutes.




11:37 - Dreitz and Böchi in T2

Andy Dreitz and Andi Böcherer have reached the changing zone. The German duo starts their marathon almost simultaneously.


11:40 - Dreitz taking the lead

On the first meters, Dreitz takes the lead.

11:41 - Potts has arrived

Andy Potts is off the bike, too. Trailing 3:27 behind the leading duo. He looks tired.


11:42 - McBride falls back

At Solarer Hill the pursuing trio of Bleymehl, Lehrieder and Crowley are now trailing by 6:40 minutes. Next up are Anja Ippach and the strong runner Agnieszka Jerzyk, trailing by 7:30.

"Purple Tiger" Rachel McBride is trailing by 9:02 minutes.


11:45 Wurf and Svensson

Trailing by  5:39, Cameron Wurf and Jesper Svensson were 4th and 5th in the changing zone.



11:48 - Pursuers

Carolin Lehrieder is pushing and still looks the freshest of all three pursuers. Her hair is dry again. She is siting to the front of the saddle, riding with a high gear but still maintaining a 90 rpm.


11:49 - Bart Aernouts in T2

Trailing by 9:16, Bart Aernouts is the 6th athlete at the second changing zone. Now he needs a really strong run to attack Dreitz and Böcherer.



11:51 - Svensson closes gap to Wurf

Jesper Svensson has not given up yet. He has closed the gap to Wurf and they are both running together in 4th and 5th place.



11:52 - Dreitz and Böcherer with 3:47 minute pace

Dreitz and Böcherer ran the first kilometers with a pace of 3:47 minutes per km, keeping the pursuers at bay.

Last year it took Dreit 2:50:20 to finish his marathon in Roth. Böcherer finished a marathon in 2:49 hours n Frankfurt. They are both elite runners.

This means that Wurf would have to finish his marathon in about 2:45 hours, Aernouts in 2:40 hours. We'll see how the great conditions affect the results.



11:59 - The last meters

Lucy Charles-Barclay is on her last meters on the bike. With smooth strokes she is approaching the changing zone. You wouldn't guess, that she just rode 180km on her bike.


12:04 - Places about to change

After 4,5 km there might be a first change of position: Potts is now only 55 seconds ahead of Wurf, who has already put 20 meters between himself and Sevensson.


12:09 - Charles-Barclay at T2

After 4:39:20 hours on the bike Lucy Charles-Barclay is now getting ready for her marathon.

12:10 - Bleymehl at T2

5:45 after Charles-Barclay, Daniela Bleymehl is at T2. Carolin Lehrieder arrives in 3rd place, trailing by  6:34.

12:15 - Busy changing tent

The changing tent is getting busy. 4th placed Sarah Crowley (+6:43), then Agnieszka Jerzyk and Anja Ippach trailing by more then 9 minutes. Will we see big shake-ups here?

12:16 - Aernouts hasn't found his rhythm yet

At km 5 Bart Aernouts still hasn't found his tempo. At the moment his pace is 4:05 minutes per km, which has him losing ground on the leading Dreitz and Böcherer.

12:22 - Wurf in 3rd place

Cameron Wurf didn't have the power to take the lead on the bike, but on the first 9 km he has passed Potts and is now trailing by only 4:30


12:25 - Potts in the bushes

After 9 Kilometern Andy Potts had to go into th bushes, which gave Svensson the chance to pass him an claim 4th place.



12:27 - Gaps are closing

Daniela Bleymehl was able to get within 4:28 of Charles on the first 4,5 km. Crowley is now 20 seconds behind Bleymehl.

Lehrieder,trailing by 5:07, is in 5th place.



12:31 - Bathroom break for Charles-Barclay

Lucy Charles-Barclay took a quick bathroom break at km 4. This demonstrates her exprience and her good nerves. 


12:33 - Penalties

This year, the referees dealt out no penalties to the pro athletes.

12:34 - Strong headwind at the canal going from Haimpfarrich to Schwand

Andreas Dreitz and Andi Böcherer running along the canal straight into a strong headwind. The distance between 1st and 2nd place is now 2:23. Cameron Wurf made good another 5 seconds on the leading athlete.



12:36 - Wurf at the bathroom

At km 13 Wurf had to take a quick break and Jesper Svensson used that to get within 7 seconds of him. Andy Potts on the other hand is not finding his rhythm after his trip to the bushes.


12:38 - Crowley in 2nd place

After 6,5 km Sarah Crowley passed Daniela Bleymehl for 2nd place.

12:41 - Pokerface Dreitz

Andreas Dreitz is getting provisions and colling down at the supply station. His face look relaxed and he has a good rhythm coming from his arms.

Andi Böcherer has his mouth slightly opened and picks up plenty of provisions.


12:44 - Turnaround Haimpfarrich: Crowley in 2nd place

Sarah Crowley passed Daniela Bleymehl with easy stepss. She is not 4:17 behind 1st placed Lucy Charles-Barclay. 

Daniela Bleymehl is in 3rd place, trailing by 4:26. The fight for the podium is not over yet!

12:45 - Crowley pushes Bleymehl

At km 8 Sarah Crowley motivates Daniela Bleymehl. Maybe together they can make a push for the lead?



12:49 - Stiff headwinds

At km 15 headwind is making life difficult for the athletes. Andy Böcherer is not running as smoothly as before, Wurf is fighting (his last pace was 4:01 per km). 50 meters behind the Australian, Sevensson is coming.



12:53 - Svensson back in 3rd place

1km before the turnaround point, Jesper Svensson passed Cameron Wurf.Dreitz is on his way back, soon to meet his competition on the course. Time for mind games?


12:55 - Focused

At km 11 the first 3 femle athletesnhave met on the course and ran past each other withouta single glance. Lucy Charles-Barclay ran at Sarah Crowley and Daniela Bleymehl totally focused.They are trailing Charles by 4:04 and 4:37. However, she still looks fresh and fit, only oppend her running suit a bit to take advantage of the light cool breeze.


12:56 - Svensson in 2nd place

Jesper Svensson wasn't in the focus before the race. Now he is keeping up his strong performance from the swim and bike course. He passed Böcherer, who looks tired, to take 2nd place.

Wurf passes Böcherer, too and takes 3rd place.


13:02 - Cooling the thigh

Daniela Bleymehl used the supply station at km 12 to cool her thighs which were burning from riding the bike. And she looked at her watch very often.More than ususally necessary. She gets support from Lothar Leder who tries to push her with her split times.


13:04 - McNamee looking at the competition

David McNamee is looking closely at his competition. He usees the turnaround point in Schawand. He is looking fit and now only trailing by 13:20. Still it might be hard fo him to get a place on the podium. He has 25 km left to make that happen.



13:10 - KM 22

After 22km, the gaps are becoming more visible.

Dreitz is still leading. Svensson was able to pull within 3:41 and Wurf is following in 3rd place, trailing by 4:33.


13:11 - km14: Crowley very economic

Leading up to km 14, Sarah Crowley has a pace of 4:15 minutes. And she makes it look easy. Her ziper is half open but her running style is very economic.

Behind her Daniela Bleymehl (nee. Sämmler) is trailing by 50 seconds in 3rd place. She looks like she is struggling more. Her pace is 4:20. minutes per km.


13:16 - Charles 4 minutes ahead of Crowley

The women's race is is approaching is decisive stage. Sarah Crowley is about 4 minutes behind Charles and Bleymehl 4:45 minutes.

Winds at the canal are getting so strong that umbrellas at the supply station are getting knocked over.


13:21 - Svensson approaching

Jesper Svensson keeps getting closer to Dreitz. He is now only trailing by 3:36.

Wurf is next, trailing by 4:49 and then Potts at 5:54. Böcherer is fighting.



13:30 - Charles-Barclay constant

Lucy Charles-Barclay is still running a constant pace. After 18,2km she is 4:12 ahead ofvCrowley and 5:36 ahead of Bleymehl.



13:31 - Svensson and Dreitz settle into their pace

The two leading runners are able to keep up their pace. Dreitz is still usung powerful steps while Svenson runs with small steps but high frequency. The strong runners among the athletes and those who were successful in Hawaii have not been able to shine here yet. Aernouts only made up 6 seconds in 25 km. Only McNamee made up 6 minutes and is now trailing by 11:18.


13:40 - Svensson inches closer

Jesper Svensson got another 4 seconds off Dreitz and, at km 28,3, is trialing by just 3:29.


Cameron Wurf and Andy Potts have lost time on Dreitz and stay in 3rd and 4th place.



13:40 - What has Crowley left?

After 20 km Crowley is now trailing Charles by 4:12 minutes. Does she have energy for another attack?

Meanwhile, Bleymehl keeps losing time and is now trailing by 5:57 behind Charles who still looks fit.

It looks like the places on the podium are fix now. Agnieszka Jerzyk, on her first long-distance race is in 4th place, trailing by 11:12, in front of Carolin Lehrieder (+12:04) and Rachel McBride (+19:44).

13:43 - Charles is still going dynamically and smooth

Lucy Charles was battling stomach promblems during last year's marathon which allowed Daniela Bleymehl to come closer and closer. This year, whe is very good at keeping Crowley at bay.

At km 22,3 Charles is 4:43 ahead of Crowley.


13:31 - Dreitz on his way to Büchenbach

Leading athlete Andreas Dreitz is on the ascent from Roth to Büchenbach right now, one of the final decisive stages of the marathon. Headwinds are present here, too.

It looks like 1st and 2nd place will go to Dreitz and Svensson. The battle for 3rd place between Wurf and Potts might also see Aernouts and McNamee get involved.



13:56 - Leder's motivation

Lothar Leder is always close by. And he has a special motivation for every athlete.He tells everyone that the athlete right in front of them is dying. He wants to push them."


14:00 Crowley is losing time

Sarah Crowley can't keep up her pace and can't get any closer to Lucy Charles-Barclay. At km 26 she is trailing by 4:58 now, that's 40 seconds mor ethan at the turning. point in Schwand. This looks like a pretty comfortable lead for Charles.



14:01 - Nervous looks

Jesper Svensson doesn't seem to be too sure: He frequently looks over his shoulder nervously. But there is no reason to be nervous, the gap between him and Wurf is more than 3 minutes, which is at about 7km from the finish line, pretty comfortable.


14:05 - Dreitz and Svensson avoid eye contact

After going around the pond in Büchenbach l1st placed Dreitz and 2nd placed Svensson meet face to face but they avoid eye contact and stay focused on their race.


Dreitz is now on the last 7km leading to Roth and the "Finishline Stadium".



14:08 - Strong winds

The wind at the canal is getting stronger. The age groupers will have a hard time here.

14:09 - Aernouts pushes but there is already disappointment on his face

Bart Aernouts taps into his last energy reserves and tries to motivate himelf again, but the winner of Roth in 2017 is visibly disappointed.Finishing 2nd in Hawaii in 2018, he had high expectations. No he is just trying to do some damage control and  maybe get a place on the podium.


14:13 - 4km to go

4 km left for Andy Dreitz. The "Triathlon Stadium" is getting ready for the athletes. It's filled to capacity, the atmosphere is great. Will a 3 minute lead be enough for Dreitz?





14:14 - No eye contact

Are the women not sure about their positions yet? Lucy Charles-Barclay and Sarah Crowley meet close to Roth, but don't look at each other. Charles movements are still smooth and Crowley has found her rhythm, too. She just can't close the gap.


14:25 - Dreitz has 2km left

Andreas Dreitz only has 2 more kilometers to go. He gets closer and closer to make good of his announcement that he will win Roth.


14:29 - Dreitz wins DATEV Challenge Roth 2019

After 7:59:02 hours Andreas Dreitz wins DATEV Challenge Roth 2019. HIs great performance on the bike was the foundation for this success.

14:32 - Charles-Barclay still smooth

After 34 km Lucy Charles-Barclay is still running smooth.On  a small ascent, she passes Böcherer, who had to walk for a bit. He just shrugs and says: "The tank is empty."


14:32 - Svensson finishes 2nd

For a long while he was leading the field, he was the fastes swimmer. After Böcherer and Wurf had passed him, he fought his way back and now finished second after 8:02:20 hours.



14:34 - Wurf finishes after fast marathon in 3rd place

Cameron Wurf of Australia finished 3rd after 8:04:08 hours. He is known for his bike skills, but today he also showed a very impresive marathon time of 2:50:37 hours.





14:37 - Top 6 men all within 7 minutes.

Bart Aernouts had had high expectations for this race. The winner of Roth 2017 and 2nd placed in Hawaii 2018 finished today in 4th place after 8:04:48.

David McNamee (UK) finished 5th after 8:5:50.


14:37 - Podium decided?

DAfter 33 km it seems that the women's podium is decided. Lucy Charles-Barclay is dominating the race and leading by more than 5 minutes in front of Crowley. Bleymehl is 4 minutes behind Crowley.


14:42 - First smile for "Good job"

A "Good Job" called from the sidelines provokes a little smile from Sarah Crowley . At km34 the wind is carrying the music and atmosphere from Büchenbach down the ascent.



14:49 - km34 Women's top 5

Lucy Charles-Barclay is leding by far and will win the race.

Behind her comes  Sarah Crowley, trailing by 5 minutes and then Daniela Bleymehl, trailing by 10 minutes.

In 4th place comes Agnieszka Jerzyk and Carolin Lehrieder in 5th.

14:55 - Top 10 Men

The Top 10 Men have finished - all within 20 minutes:

1. Dreitz, Andreas (GER) 7:59:02 
2. Svensson, Jesper (SWE) +03:18 8:02:20 
3. Dr. Wurf, Cameron (AUS) +05:06 8:04:08 
4. Aernouts, Bart (BEL) +05:46 8:04:48 
5. McNamee, David (GBR) +06:48 8:05:50 
6. Degasperi, Alessandro (ITA) +09:22 8:08:24 
7. Potts, Andy (USA) +10:37 8:09:39 
8. Petersen-Bach, Jens (DEN) +13:59 8:13:01 
9. Russell, Matthew (USA) +19:09 8:18:11 
10. Krämer, Lukas (GER) +20:13 8:19:15

15:04 - Lucy Charles-Barclay wins the whole race

Lucy Charles-Barclay dominated DATEV Challenge Roth 2019 right from the start: She was the fastes swimmer out of the Main-Donau-Canal, and later her competition only had a chance to see her at the turning points. She finished after 8:31.09 and improved on her 2nd place from last year.



15:11 - Sarah Crowley from Australia finished in 2nd place

Sarah Crowley finishes after 8:38:11 hours in 2nd place. She had some good looks, but in the end, Charles just couldn't be stopped.


15:19 - Daniel Bleymehl finishes 3rd

Last year's winner Daniela Bleymehl finishes after 8:43:17 hours, earning her 3rd place. Within a week, she went from DNF to bronze...



15:2 - Agnieszka Jerzyk finishes 4th in her long distance debut

Polish athlete  Agnieszka Jerzyk finishes 4th in her first ever long distance race after 8:48:49 hours. At times she was even able to maintain her mid-distance racing pace, but in the end, the marathon proved to be something else.



15:28 - Carolin Lehrieder completes Top 5

Carolin Lehrieder completes the Top 5 Women and finishes after 8:55:13 hours. She was one of 3 female German athletes who were pursuing the lead.


16:30 - Top 10 Women

The 10 fastest women of DATEV Challenge Roth 2019

1.	Charles-Barclay, Lucy (GBR)	08:31:09
2.	Crowley, Sarah (AUS)	08:38:11
3.	Bleymehl, Daniela (GER)	08:43:17
4.	Jerzyk, Agnieszka (POL)	08:48:49
5.	Lehrieder, Carolin (GER)	08:55:13
6.	Mcbride, Rachel (CAN)	09:06:47
7.	Dr. Visser, Els (NED)	09:07:49
8.	Purbrook, Ruth (GBR)	09:12:15
9.	Illeditsch, Elena (GER)	09:16:43
10.	Ippach, Anja (GER)	09:23:58

16:43 - 300 athletes have finished

The first 300 triathlets have crossed the finishline at Roth's "Triathlon Stadium" and been celebrated. Some 250 athletes still have the second changing zone ahead of them.