16:43 - 300 athletes have finished

The first 300 triathlets have crossed the finishline at Roth's "Triathlon Stadium" and been celebrated. Some 250 athletes still have the second changing zone ahead of them.




16:30 - Top 10 Women

The 10 fastest women of DATEV Challenge Roth 2019

1.	Charles-Barclay, Lucy (GBR)	08:31:09
2.	Crowley, Sarah (AUS)	08:38:11
3.	Bleymehl, Daniela (GER)	08:43:17
4.	Jerzyk, Agnieszka (POL)	08:48:49
5.	Lehrieder, Carolin (GER)	08:55:13
6.	Mcbride, Rachel (CAN)	09:06:47
7.	Dr. Visser, Els (NED)	09:07:49
8.	Purbrook, Ruth (GBR)	09:12:15
9.	Illeditsch, Elena (GER)	09:16:43
10.	Ippach, Anja (GER)	09:23:58

15:28 - Carolin Lehrieder completes Top 5

Carolin Lehrieder completes the Top 5 Women and finishes after 8:55:13 hours. She was one of 3 female German athletes who were pursuing the lead.


15:2 - Agnieszka Jerzyk finishes 4th in her long distance debut

Polish athlete  Agnieszka Jerzyk finishes 4th in her first ever long distance race after 8:48:49 hours. At times she was even able to maintain her mid-distance racing pace, but in the end, the marathon proved to be something else.



15:19 - Daniel Bleymehl finishes 3rd

Last year's winner Daniela Bleymehl finishes after 8:43:17 hours, earning her 3rd place. Within a week, she went from DNF to bronze...



15:11 - Sarah Crowley from Australia finished in 2nd place

Sarah Crowley finishes after 8:38:11 hours in 2nd place. She had some good looks, but in the end, Charles just couldn't be stopped.


15:04 - Lucy Charles-Barclay wins the whole race

Lucy Charles-Barclay dominated DATEV Challenge Roth 2019 right from the start: She was the fastes swimmer out of the Main-Donau-Canal, and later her competition only had a chance to see her at the turning points. She finished after 8:31.09 and improved on her 2nd place from last year.



14:55 - Top 10 Men

The Top 10 Men have finished - all within 20 minutes:

1. Dreitz, Andreas (GER) 7:59:02 
2. Svensson, Jesper (SWE) +03:18 8:02:20 
3. Dr. Wurf, Cameron (AUS) +05:06 8:04:08 
4. Aernouts, Bart (BEL) +05:46 8:04:48 
5. McNamee, David (GBR) +06:48 8:05:50 
6. Degasperi, Alessandro (ITA) +09:22 8:08:24 
7. Potts, Andy (USA) +10:37 8:09:39 
8. Petersen-Bach, Jens (DEN) +13:59 8:13:01 
9. Russell, Matthew (USA) +19:09 8:18:11 
10. Krämer, Lukas (GER) +20:13 8:19:15

14:49 - km34 Women's top 5

Lucy Charles-Barclay is leding by far and will win the race.

Behind her comes  Sarah Crowley, trailing by 5 minutes and then Daniela Bleymehl, trailing by 10 minutes.

In 4th place comes Agnieszka Jerzyk and Carolin Lehrieder in 5th.

14:42 - First smile for "Good job"

A "Good Job" called from the sidelines provokes a little smile from Sarah Crowley . At km34 the wind is carrying the music and atmosphere from Büchenbach down the ascent.



14:37 - Podium decided?

DAfter 33 km it seems that the women's podium is decided. Lucy Charles-Barclay is dominating the race and leading by more than 5 minutes in front of Crowley. Bleymehl is 4 minutes behind Crowley.


14:37 - Top 6 men all within 7 minutes.

Bart Aernouts had had high expectations for this race. The winner of Roth 2017 and 2nd placed in Hawaii 2018 finished today in 4th place after 8:04:48.

David McNamee (UK) finished 5th after 8:5:50.


14:34 - Wurf finishes after fast marathon in 3rd place

Cameron Wurf of Australia finished 3rd after 8:04:08 hours. He is known for his bike skills, but today he also showed a very impresive marathon time of 2:50:37 hours.





14:32 - Svensson finishes 2nd

For a long while he was leading the field, he was the fastes swimmer. After Böcherer and Wurf had passed him, he fought his way back and now finished second after 8:02:20 hours.



14:32 - Charles-Barclay still smooth

After 34 km Lucy Charles-Barclay is still running smooth.On  a small ascent, she passes Böcherer, who had to walk for a bit. He just shrugs and says: "The tank is empty."


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