By now 102 female and 684 male athletes have crossed the finish line at DATEV Challenge Roth powered hep 2021 and now we, the editorial staff of the Liveticker, end our race day, too.

We give a huge THANK YOU to all the staff on motorcycles and boats, the life guards and the volunteers along the course, the security staff and the event organizers and of course to all the triathlon fans who made, despite all the Corona-regulations, such a great event possible. And thank you all for abiding by the regulations!

Responsible for the ticker were Bianca Hirner and Harald Eggebrecht (Editorial staff), Sven Weidner, Anton Thomma (Spotter), Arne Cloppenburg (English translation) and our photographer Petko Beier. Now it is time for us to say goodbye and see you next year -on 3rd of July 2022- then hopefully with spectators and and without Corona regulations.



18:00 - Quick update

Today many athletes successfully finished the "DATEV Challenge Roth powered by hep".So far 427 male and 41 female athletes have crossed the finish line and can enjoy a Bavarian end to their race day. 

17:57 - Erik Meijer on the Field of Play for more than 90 minutes today

Former football pro Erike Meijer (Leverkusen, Hamburg, Aachen) crosses the finish line after an extra long game. Will there be an extra time as a triathlete for him?

17:16 - Thorsten Schröder finishes in time for "Tagesschau"

"Tagesschau" news anchorman from Hamburg, Thorsten Schröder, finishes after 09:31:32 hours and in time for today's "Tagesschau"

16:08 - Women's Top Ten

After Crowley's 5th place, the following athletes completed the Top Ten of the women's field:

6. Hanna Maskimava (BLR) - 08:35:35
7. Heini Hartikainen (FIN) - 08:43:04
8. Elena Illeditsch (GER) - 08:45:54
9. Jenny Schulz (GER) - 08:52:31
10. Maja Betz (GER) - 08:58:51

15:33 - Small talk at the finish line

Crowley and Schenk stroll towards the finish line while having a little chat. Crowley was not able to defend her 3rd place on the running course and finished 5th after 08:32:26.

15:32 - Chloe Lane finishes 4th

Chloe Lane wasn't able to keep up with the other 2 pursuers, but still finished successful in 4th place after 08:28:22.

15:29 - Women's podium is set

After Anne Haug, Sidall takes 2nd place, trailing her by 31:36 minutes. Total time: 8:25:24.

Langridge was struggling along the last kilometers, but was able to keep up her pace. She finished 3rd after 08:27:04.

15:25 - Finishing is everything

Zepuntke, Heemeryck and Kastelein finsih together. Zepuntke had to go through "triathlon hell" in his first long distance race. Despite all the hardships they had to face, the trio finished in 27th-29th place.

15:19 - Sidall leaves Langridge behind

There seems to be no stopping Laura Sidall. Langridge can't keep up. Laura Sidell is now out of her opponents visual range.

15:11 - Sidall pushes the pace

At km 37 Sidall moves into 2nd place. Can Langridge and Lane keep up?

15:10 - 10th place for Davis in men's field

Thomas Davis finishes 10th after 7:55:52.

15:08 - Marathon drama behind Haug

Sidall and Lane have their sights on the podium and have already passed Sarah Crowley. 6km away from the finish line they are now only seconds behind 2nd placed Langridge.

15:07 - Nils Frommhold happy to finish 2nd

Nils Frommhold gave more than everything. " Patrick had a great race. I'm super happy about my second place and happy for Patrick's win!"

15:04 - Andi Dreitz has mixed feelings

He was hoping for more but is still happy about the triathlon in Roth. After soon troubles wioth his stomache in the last few weeks, he wasn't really able to focus on the fifth discipline: nutrition. That's what caused him to break down during the marathon. Still he finished among the Top Ten.

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